Project Forest launches the Green-Fi new model to reduce carbon emissions and increasing the sustainability of our planet

Project Forest, a brand-new player in the industry with a unique environmental approach, has launched the new concept of Green-Fi to provide users with a simplified and engaging means to contribute positively to the environment, reducing carbon emissions and increasing the sustainability of our planet by promoting reforestation in vulnerable areas while earning crypto rewards as a bonus.

Some say that the crypto winter of 2022 is worse than the one of 2018. After soaring to more than US$ 60,000 per coin in October 2021, Bitcoin’s value plummeted and now stands at around US$ 20,000, with no guarantee whether it will remain the same or further fluctuate.

With the evident fluctuations and volatility of the current crypto industry, curiosity heightens, and crypto users are left with several questions unanswered.

What is the future of blockchain games and the Game-Fi industry as the crypto winter prolongs? Will the NFT space experience a constant decline and perish, or will the crypto industry rise and become stable again?

“Perhaps a diverse approach is the need of the hour in the crypto and blockchain space. Maybe the solution lies in a way that is foreign to the current market trends – something different and innovative that has not been experimented with before,” said a core member of the Project Forest team when asked the same. “If you ask me what’s the next big thing in Web3, I’d say Green-Fi, with Project Forest being the product to bring it to the spotlight. As for the next dark horse, that would perhaps be Project Forest,” he continued.

While ‘Grow-to-Earn’ may not be the first attempt at mutating the Play-to-Earn model (think StepN’s Move-to-Earn), it does seem like one with a more altruistic mission. After inquiring further and taking a few detailed looks at the tokenomics of Project Forest, we’ve gathered a few key insights about a model that may just have the potential for the betterment of the future of crypto and the environment.

Green-Fi, A New Prospect in the Crypto Space

Green-Fi revolves around the ideology of digitally improving the Earth’s environment and climate while providing users with a simplified means to contribute to the environment. Green-Fi is more than just a term; it’s an idea, the boundaries of which are yet to be defined. At the core of Green-Fi’s ecosystem is Grow2Earn, a new proof of concept in which players can increase the number of earnings from an NFT as it grows over time.

How is Green-Fi the Solution?

In an increasingly restless sub-sector of the blockchain industry, one in which the majority of players are motivated solely by the potential to earn crypto, the primary motive of the players participating in Green-Fi would, in contrast, be the well-being of the environment and tackling global warming. Unlike Play-to-Earn, whose player base is dominated by those seeking a monetary reward in exchange for their time invested in playing the game. An income stream would only be a bonus, as improving the environment through an interactive virtual tree-nurturing gaming experience would be the key incentive for players in Grow-to-Earn games. As a result, players won’t be as influenced by the fluctuation of the token prices, a trend that is increasingly becoming the bane of all the Play-to-Earn projects we’ve witnessed to date. As such, resulting in a more stable player economy in Grow-to-Earn.

Not only this, but an environmental sustainability-focused mobile gaming experience that lets you nurture unique virtual trees while helping the environment can potentially lead to a consistent inflow of non-crypto players transitioning from Web2, a group that would not care much for the price fluctuation of tokens caused by the volatility in the external environment. Ultimately, the economy of Grow-to-Earn would be less susceptible to token fluctuations in a bear market while having a greater potential to upscale during a bull market run. Similarly, Green-Fi will aid in tackling the global climate issue humanity has been facing for many years now.

The concept of Green-Fi might just prove to be the breakthrough in NFT-based utilities and cryptocurrency in the coming future. Grow2Earn will aid in bridging the gap between environment enthusiasts and crypto players, linking the two together. By lowering entry requirements for non-crypto players, this new concept of Green-Fi will be the ideal solution to the plummet of the crypto industry and environmental sustainability.

Project Forest

Project Forest is the first-of-its-kind Grow2Earn NFT lifestyle app in the blockchain industry where players plant and grow trees and get rewarded for it. The project aspires to be the ideal ‘Grow2Earn’ application in the ‘Green-Fi’ space by donating a portion of the earnings accumulated on every in-app purchase to environmental organizations and NGOs to aid in tackling climate change, thus addressing global warming on a broader and redefined scale.

When users interact with their Tree NFTs and perform different in-app actions like planting, watering and nourishing, Project Forest will recognize these actions as contributions to the environment and reward players based on different aspects of the app.

The potential of Green-Fi as a concept is very promising, and Project Forest maybe its best proof-of-concept. It has the mission of funding global reforestation initiatives while finding a unique way to address the recent volatility of the blockchain space, providing users with an NFT project that is less susceptible to player participation and market value of the token and more toward improving the world’s environment through its simple gamification methods.

Project Forest hosts regular giveaways and events on its community channels, and their most significant community event to date is called the Green Week event. It will be hosted on Twitter on the 5th of September and will present community members with exciting sustainability-themed daily challenges. Interested parties can participate in the Green Week event by visiting Project Forest’s official Twitter channel.

Join Project Forest’s community by clicking on the social media links below to keep track of updates from the development team as well as the project.

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