MSC Cruise Lines and Babylon Micro-Farms Partnership Create a World’s First Hydroponic Farm at Sea

RICHMOND, VA / ACCESSWIRE / January 26, 2023 / The 6,762-passenger MSC World Europa currently docked in Doha, Qatar is introducing a new restaurant concept, branded the Chef’s Garden Kitchen, which is a Babylon Micro-Farms powered hydroponic garden at sea with herbs, greens and garnishes grown onboard.

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Michelin-starred chef, TV personality and author Niklas Ekstedt has collaborated with MSC Cruises to design the menu for the specialty restaurant Chef’s Garden Kitchen, focussing on the natural ingredients and a farm-to-ocean ethos. Born in Sweden, the son of a produce seller, Niklas Ekstedt began his strong connection with nature and the Earth’s flavours at a young age. This new restaurant will feature the first-at-sea hydroponic micro-farm in the world and guests will be treated to a uniquely immersive experience with the master chef preparing Ekstedt’s extraordinary creations in an open kitchen against a backdrop of panoramic sea views.

Babylon Micro-Farms, Thursday, January 26, 2023, Press release picture

Chef Ekstedt shared: “Working with MSC Cruises to develop a new dining concept on MSC World Europa has been an exciting experience and we have created something really special and unique. The menu is rooted in my core philosophy that everything needs to start with the very best natural ingredients and as such the dishes are simple but full of flavour and will feature the hydroponic micro-greens that are grown in on board in the restaurant to enhance the flavours, texture and colours.”

Alexander Olesen Babylon Micro-Farms Founder and CEO

“Growing fresh produce onboard a cruise ship that sails all around the world is a perfect illustration of Babylon’s remote management technology. From our headquarters in Richmond, Virginia, we are able to deliver a safe, reliable, and convenient growing experience for Niklas Eksedt and his team. On-site Micro-Farms are going to be an important part of the supply chain for fresh ingredients and it’s exciting to push the boundaries of local food production with this world-first installation on the high seas.” We are appreciative of MSC’s confidence in Babylon and our micro-farms and discussions are already taking place about roll out to additional MSC ships under construction.

Babylon Micro-Farms, Thursday, January 26, 2023, Press release picture

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About Babylon Micro-Farms

Babylon Micro-Farms builds its farms at its state-of-the-art facility in Richmond, VA. Babylon has developed patented technology to power the indoor hydroponic farms and farming service that enable businesses and communities to have a year-round supply of ultra-fresh produce. Babylon makes farming accessible to everyone through technology integrations and excellent customer support. The latest farms incorporate more sensors and are designed to reduce maintenance and harvest times significantly. Farming onsite has a sustainable and significant impact on the company’s customer base, which includes global leaders like Aramark, Ikea, MSC Cruise Lines, Linkedin, and Sodexo, along with many schools, venues, stores, hospitals, and senior care facilities.

About MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises is the world’s third-largest cruise brand as well as the leader in Europe, South America, the Gulf region and Southern Africa, with more market share in addition to deployed capacity than any other player. It is also the fastest-growing global cruise brand with a strong presence in the Caribbean, North America and the Far East markets.

Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, MSC Cruises is one of the two brands that sit within the Cruise Division of MSC Group, the leading privately held Swiss-based shipping and logistics conglomerate with over 300 years of maritime heritage. MSC Cruises – the contemporary brand – has a modern fleet of 21 vessels combined with a sizeable future global investment portfolio of new vessels. The fleet is projected to grow to 23 cruise ships by 2025, with options for six more vessel orders in place through 2030.

MSC Cruises offers its guests an enriching, immersive and safe cruise experience inspired by the Company’s European heritage, where they can enjoy international dining, world-class entertainment, award-winning family programs, and the very latest user-friendly technology on board.

The Company’s number one priority has always been the health and safety of its guests and crew, as well as the communities at the destinations its ships serve. In August 2020, MSC Cruises implemented a new comprehensive and robust health and safety protocol to become the first major line to return to sea.

MSC Cruises has long been committed to environmental stewardship, with a long-term goal to achieve net zero emissions for its operations by 2050. The Company is also a significant investor in next-generation environmental marine technologies, with the objective to support their accelerated development and availability industry-wide.

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