How to Find the Best Food On Your Vacation

Vacations are the best time to try different types of food and learn about new cultures. When you travel, you want to step away from your routine and try new things. That includes trying great food you don’t usually have.

Hot Spots

When you get to your hotel, there will likely be tourist brochures. These packets include the city’s hottest spots. The hotels may also offer reward programs that are beneficial to travelers. There may be a tour guide group where the destination sites include the best meals. If your hotel provides a concierge service, ask them where the best restaurants are.

There tend to be plenty of dining options near major tourist sites. If you are wanting to check the menus of several locations quickly, find a major tourist area. You can look over several menus in a relatively short amount of time before deciding where to eat.

Talk to the Locals

Word of mouth from the locals will help you to find the best eats. Once you’ve arrived at your destination and begin walking from place to place, you’ll easily be able to speak to people walking along the streets. These will likely be people who live or work close to where you are, and can give great recommendations.

Use Your Phone

If after speaking to the locals, you still can’t decide you can view options online. For example, if you are visiting Utah but don’t know where to eat, you can simply pull out your phone and ask Siri, “Find food near me.” This will allow you to scroll through the dining options nearby and read reviews. You can even ask about five-star restaurants in the area.

There are plenty of food apps that advertise the best spots in the area. This is not limited to restaurants only. They also have recommendations for food trucks and deli’s as well.

Experience and Taste

Some vacations are designed around the food entirely. These are called culinary vacations. Simply choose a destination specifically for the food and then view the sites while there. Simply choose Jamaica for the Jamaican food, Italy for the Italian food, Mexico for authentic Mexican food, and so on.

Check Out Travel Blogs
Travel bloggers specialize in finding and writing about great spots for future travelers. Before you head on your trip, try searching for blog posts on your destination. Be sure to take notes of any restaurants the blogger takes note of.  

Ask Friends and Family

Often times, recommendations from friends and family is the best route. If you know anyone that has traveled to your destination, ask them what their favorite restaurants were. Also, ask them if there were anything restaurants you should avoid. If you don’t know anyone from your immediate circle who has been to your destination, ask your friends on social media for recommendations.

Don’t Break the Bank

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to find the best food spots. Take your time and look for budget-friendly spots that are in the area. People will be surprised by the local diners that have good food and great prices. Most Deli’s have great food also and some people prefer it. If you are looking to splurge on food, great! Just make sure to find the average cost of a nice meal in the area and be sure to budget accordingly. Rather than eating out for every meal, make inexpensive meals at your hotel, and splurge on one big, tasty meal each day.

Just remember when you choose the best foods to eat while on vacation don’t forget the small spots. The food tends to be just as good, and the customer service is the best.

Source: ArticleCube