Smart Ways to Use Muffin Tins Beyond Baking

Undoubtedly, muffins are one of the best evening snacks and these cute little cups are so sweet and appetizing that you cannot even refuse it. We can understand how important your muffin trays would be if you make muffins frequently. But don’t throw your old muffin trays or if you don’t bake anymore because you can put them to good use instead.

Try these fantastic ideas and you’ll be amazed to know that these muffin tins have far more uses beyond baking.

1. Freeze your soups/stocks

Today you have made a fantastic recipe for soup but because of the extra stock, you don’t even want to get it waste. Don’t worry, muffin tins will not let your hard work go waste. Pour down your leftovers into a large-diameter muffin tin. Freeze it and you can use it later on whenever you want.

2. Bigger and Better Ice

Small ice cubes are not just enough when it comes to making juices or other things in bulk. Use your muffin tray, fill it with water and freeze it to have larger ice cubes. Having such large ice cubes helps you in keeping large containers and punch bowls colder for a long time. You can even add lemons or lime rinds to the water for additional flavours.

3. Craft Supply Storage

Do you or your children or any other family member love crafting? Sometimes it becomes a mess when you spread everything on the floor and then it further becomes a bit annoying to find a certain material. You can use your muffin tins for an easy access to different items like pins, beads, baubles, jewellery, buttons and many more.

4. Decorate with Votive Candles

Light up the boring and dull environment of your room with an amazing decoration of votive candles. Put some candles in few cups of the muffin tin and light it up. This simple and easy-to-do DIY works best with vintage copper or iron muffin tins. When I was learning to bake, I bought all those things. For some years, I was not doing my baking practice and so I was using Muffin Tins in different ways.

5. Plant a series of Seedlings

Gift yourself a beautiful and small garden for the indoors. All you have to do is, clean the cups, add some soil and fertilizer to it and smartly use your muffin tray to plant seedlings. It also allows you to grow small succulents and some other plants that don’t require much water.

6. Prep quick Ingredients

Holding a get-together at home or want to feed a large crowd, bring your muffin trays for a good use. The trays can hold condiments perfectly when you need to serve a big crowd. You can simply offer your guests a tray full of chopped jalapenos, pickles, onions and other yummy options as a great topping for burgers and dogs.

7. Slow down your Dog’s eating

It might sound a little awkward but using your old muffin trays can be helpful for your dog’s eating. Many dogs have a habit of eating fast, which can cause digestion problems. Now, you can easily spread the food in different cups and it automatically slows down the speed of your dog while eating. Try to use rubber feet or grips on the bottom of the tray so that it won’t move here and there.

8. Bake perfect Tortilla Bowls

Now baking tortilla bowls is just a breeze, just flip your muffin tray over and keep the small tortillas between the cups, so that it can easily get folded into four sections. Bake the tortillas in the same manner and they will remain in the same shape. Now, you can make amazing tortilla bowls to hold the ingredients.

9. Freeze Smoothie Ingredients

Now you don’t need to wake up in the morning to make your juice. Make your juice or smoothie ahead of time and you can freeze them in the muffin tins. By doing this you can take out one whenever you need. Thus, there’s no need to make it each and every day.

10. Place a Muffin Tray in the Basket

Children usually become careless while playing. If you want your children to play without spilling their snacks and other things here and there, put them all in a muffin tray. Now, keep the muffin tray in the basket. Doing this makes it easier to carry them around.

Source: ArticleCube