How Simplified COO is Solving a Massive Top-Line Revenue Issue for Dental Businesses Nationwide

SAN DIEGO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 21, 2022 / Besides the 2020 pandemic, there aren’t too many challenges that dental professionals face, as it’s one of the least risky businesses one can start. With over 189,000 dental practices in the United States. Dental Economics reports that fewer than 1% of them end up failing, however, the success of those dental businesses vary greatly.

According to a study conducted by HR For Health, the top 3 problems dentistry’s face are:

  1. Finding New Patients
  2. Increasing Top Line Revenue
  3. Staying Ahead of the Competition

So, although most businesses aren’t at the risk of failing, many struggle to see high margins of profitability and are simply just getting by paying their staff. The sad truth is that these problems are very avoidable, and trickle down to a simple issue of not having the right people in place to help with operations and decision making.

Most dentistry owners are visionaries, they spend years getting educated and certified and are masters of their craft, yet many unfortunately are either too busy to focus on the day to day operations, or simply aren’t skilled enough to act as both the CEO and COO (Chief Operations Officer). So, why not hire one?

Well, simply put, a good COO would require a hefty salary, one that many dentistries, especially newer ones, cannot yet afford. Yet, without one in place, problems become rampant. Bad financial decisions are made, new business isn’t being generated properly, and the business misses out on a ton of revenue they could be using to grow and expand their business.

So, what’s the solution? Well for a long time there wasn’t one, you simply had to save up until you could hire a professional, or attempt to do the work yourself, which simply isn’t feasible.

But, where many see a problem, Kevin Wheeler saw an opportunity to offer up a solution and in 2017 he founded Simplified COO, a company that for a fraction of the cost, partners with DSO’s to offer up the operations many companies desperately need but can’t afford.

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Kevin Wheeler, CEO of Simplified COO

It’s actually a really cool model. Simplified COO comes in, interviews the company to learn what their needs are, how open they are to making operational changes, and what can be implemented almost instantly to increase top-line revenue.

“There are so many simple tweaks we can offer our partners to increase the revenue they make; from doing toy drives or hosting food banks to bring in new patients, to implementing SOP’s to make the front desk more effective, to even implementing onboarding programs and generating good reviews we can within just a few weeks make a company wildly more profitable,” said CEO and Founder Kevin Wheeler, who has 20+ years of experience in the dental industry.

“Our goal is to work ourselves out of a company,” he followed. Their mission is simple, offer an affordable solution that will handle the businesses operations to increase clientele and cut costs to increase top-line revenue so that the company can soon afford to hire a COO full time and essentially make themselves no longer needed. Simplified COO even assists in the hiring process to ensure they find the right person for the job.

To date, Simplified COO has worked with clients all across the country, garnering impressive results and dozens of happy clients by offering a unique service that was desperately needed in a very competitive industry and has big goals to grow and expand to become a solution for thousands of dentistries all over the United States.

So, although becoming a dentist is one of the least risky professions to get into, it’s also one of the most competitive. So, without a strong operational leader to take on the responsibilities of bringing in new business, keeping costs low, and staying ahead of the competition, staying profitable can be difficult. However, thanks to Kevin Wheeler and Simplified COO, even the small guys have a fighting chance.

About Simplified COO:

Founded in 2017, Simplified COO shares their passion for the dental industry by helping others achieve success through operational leadership. They have spent years partnering with DSO leadership and owner doctors helping them achieve the results they want and get the success they deserve.


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