Elevations RTC: Just Over Half Of Their Students Come From Wilderness Programs

Syracuse, Utah, United States – 10-21-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

Elevations RTC revealed statistics showing that just over half of their students come from wilderness programs before arriving on campus. With wilderness programs on the rise, the next logical step for students hoping to get their life back on track is residential treatment centers like Elevations RTC.

Not all families know a ton about wilderness therapy. Is it the right move before a residential treatment center? While people have differing opinions, this formula continues to work for many.

Wilderness therapy programs take students away from their current environment and puts them in pretty remote locations to go through therapy in a natural state.

Wilderness therapy can help with emotional, psychological, and addiction problems.  And having the therapy take place in some of the most picturesque outdoor places helps out as well.

Group sizes are much smaller during wilderness therapy. This means that if a teenager is falling behind or can’t seem to grasp something in particular, it’s tough for it to be missed by the leaders and therapists running the program.

It’s impossible for students not to be lost in the mix from time to time in a more traditional school setting. Having licensed therapists ready to assess and help students also helps.

Being out in the middle of nowhere can be a great way to avoid distractions so they can focus on their growth and happiness. Maybe they fell into the wrong crowd or started using drugs and alcohol as a way to cope back home.

Being away from that eliminates those distractions and helps teenagers work on themselves and how they can grow. There’s no way to fall back into the old crowd miles away from home and without technology.

A world without distractions won’t last forever, but it doesn’t take that long to start developing healthy habits. Starting with wilderness therapy and transitioning to a residential treatment center, could be the pathway to a much healthier lifestyle.

Ultimately, wilderness therapy will not solve all the problems for most individuals. For teenagers still needing therapy, that’s where Elevations RTC and similar programs steps in.

Students arrive at Elevations RTC and are in a campus-like setting with a typical school year. They arrive with the expectation that they will be there for months at a time. This allows for more profound therapy that can build off of what wilderness therapy provides.

While wilderness therapy offers some level of education in most cases, Elevations RTC teaches a full curriculum. Students can get ahead of where they would be under normal circumstances if they buckle down and do schoolwork as they should. Smaller class sizes allow teachers to spend specific time on students if necessary.

Every family will use a different approach when trying to get their teenager to live a healthier life. It’s impossible to say that one solution works while the other doesn’t. However, people are finding out that a combination of wilderness therapy and residential treatment centers seems helpful.

A wilderness therapy program acts as a beginning course in many ways. Teenagers get a chance to relax their minds and start to receive some therapy along the way. They learn basic skills and work as a team, but it’s not the whole program that a residential treatment center offers.

Elevations RTC serves as a residential treatment center for teenagers throughout the United States. Offering therapy and a full curriculum, students have a chance to feel more confident as young adults and transition back home smoothly.

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