Shifty’s Seasoning is Expanding Operations and Seeks $1.1 Million in Qualified Investor Funding

Shifty’s Seasoning was born out of a father and son duo’s passion to create change in the world with their love of food. Inspired by his desire to share his enthusiasm for delicious meals with others, Shifty made it a goal to create simply seasoned food without the addition of unnecessary ingredients. Rather than loading up dishes with preservatives and artificial elements, Shifty developed seasonings that added flavor and sustainably sourced ingredients without sacrificing quality.

Shifty's Trifecta
Shifty’s Trifecta
Shifty’s all-purpose classic seasoning, Shifty’s all-purpose red seasoning, Shifty’s garlic salt

Shifty’s Seasoning, a U.S.-based company that produces a line of all-natural seasoning products, is looking to raise $1.1 million in Qualified Investor Funding to support its expansion plans. The company has seen significant growth over the past year, with sales increasing by 105%, and they are expecting this trend to continue as they expand their operations. This includes utilizing larger facilities that can handle the higher demand and shorter shipping times to consumers worldwide. 

U.S.-based Shifty’s Seasoning seeks a $1.1 million capital raise for operations expansion. With 25% of the company ready for the right investor(s), this is going to come down to the most qualified and “seasoned” investor(s).

Zeke Shifflett, President of Shifty’s Seasoning, said in a recent interview, “We have all the tools and team members in place to take this to the next level and compete for a percentage of market share for this industry. We are not the largest operation but I’m confident we can maintain our efficiency and sales growth rate. We have waited for the right moment and that moment is now.”

The company has had a 105% growth rate over the last year with no sign of stopping soon due to expansions, which include larger facilities and quicker worldwide shipping times to meet consumer demands. Shifty’s Seasoning is based out of America with an impending need for more finances totaling $1,100,000 from qualified investors for an increase in production rates that meets said global market goals. This number was decided after careful study of what would be necessary to reach not only the American levels of production but also the increased demands from overseas customers. The main goal behind this investment round is reaching economies of scale, and decreasing unit costs via high-volume outputs. With these funds, Shifty’s Seasoning will be able to not only increase production at their current sites but also increase exposure at new locations and retailers across the United States. This will also open the opportunity to better serve global markets that have already expressed interest in buying their product lines. 

“This operation is something out of a family-run business fairy tale. It has all the ingredients for success and it’s already proven its success during one of the hardest times during the pandemic,” said Justin Lansdell, Chief Marketing Officer for Shifty’s. 

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Shifty’s Seasoning is Expanding Operations and Seeks $1.1 Million in Qualified Investor Funding

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