BeastLike NFTs, a Futuristic High-rewarding Project that Contributes to the Environment

Auckland, New Zealand, 31st July 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Planning to invest in the next big thing in the NFT industry, you are in luck! The BeastLike NFTs collection launched recently on July 4, 2022, and has already become the talk of the town. People have started purchasing it like crazy, and the enthusiasm around it doesn’t seem to die down any time soon. And since it has already been vetted and supported by experts in the NFT industry, you can be sure about the success of the BeastLike NFT project.

The BeastLike NFT collection consists of 30,000 unique NFTs, each with different characteristics and attributes. And it’s the uniqueness that drives the value in the NFT industry. The lesser the quantity, the more the increase in value! It’s a tried and tested formula being employed by the team behind the project. Also, the developers are working on the Metaverse and other built-in features to make BeastLike a complete ecosystem with all the relevant attributes.

One of the primary concerns raised regarding the projects in the blockchain industry is their high-energy consumption, and BeastLike NFTs takes pride in being a carbon-neutral project. To make up for the ecological damage, the project will plant as many trees as the energy consumed during the mining and sale process. Also, 10% of the revenue generated through the sales of the NFT collection will go to animal charities, which include, The Center for Great Apes, The Wolf Conservation Centre, See Turtles, The Perfect World, and Project Chimps.

Besides, once the collection is completely sold out, BeastLike NFTs will hold an amazing giveaway where exciting rewards are up for grabs. These include Lamborghini, a bunch of rare NFTs, 10 Playstations, and other amazing gifts. Also, once the project spans out and adds more attributes to the ecosystem, for instance, the much-awaited TV show, it will take the form of DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), where users are the real owners. And the ownership is decided based on the number of NFTs you own. The more BeastLike NFTs held in the wallet, the higher your say on the platform. So, make sure to mint as many while the prices are still low to be a decisive voice in the ecosystem.

The NFT collection also offers real-world utility wherein you can use these as in-game avatars to spice up the gaming experience. Also, there will be 3D downloadable and printable models, DND games, and character sheets that you can try out after acquiring the NFTs from the collection. Also, NFTs owners will receive regular rewards through airdrops in the coming days.

Though in the initial phase, the BeastLike NFTs collection has already attracted a large number of investors, and given the initial trend, both the investments pouring in and the value of the NFTs are slated to increase exponentially in the days to come.

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