Tycho Energy Expands Their “Redirection Program” Offering Affordable Renewable Energy Systems To US Homeowners

PHOENIX, AZ / ACCESSWIRE / August 3, 2022 / Inflation hit a new 40-year record reaching 9.1% in June and is expected to keep reaching new heights, especially in the energy sector. Founded in 2017 by Erik Lindgren and Mike Thooft, Tyco Energy has helped hundreds of families in the US remove inflation from their electric bills through their “Redirection Program”, a financing mechanism with which they can afford to switch their homes to solar energy for 0$ out of pocket and a monthly installment lower than what they pay for their electric bills. This 2022 the company is expanding the program to offer its benefits to homeowners across a wider service area.

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Erik Lindgren puts it plainly, “We help homeowners redirect what they’re already paying every month for electricity towards owning a solar system. With the current state of the economy and how the rates of electricity are rising, and everything else in the world right now, to own their power and set it at a fixed rate puts the people we work with in a much better position.”

This 2022, they are expanding operations through new fulfillment partnerships with locally based contractors across the US. Tycho Energy thoroughly vets potential installation partners for compliance with state & county licensing & insurance requirements, and their own standards of professionalism and service to ensure that all of their customers, regardless of state, enjoy a consistently positive experience . Due to these partnerships, the company currently has the ability to operate in 30+ states in the US, and is set on expanding progressively to cover the whole country. Their goal this year is to help at least a thousand families in the US save money through solar energy.

The equipment, which is guaranteed to last for 25 years, adds equity to homeowner’s properties and lets them lock in their electric bill at a much lower amount that will stay stable no matter the rise in the cost of electricity. This proposition might seem too good to be true, but a few other companies make such a compelling case for their capacity to take care of the entire conversion process with the technical and financial mastery Tycho Energy has. “You can’t do this job with just a base-level knowledge.” Erik added, “We meet in the office every morning to train our team on the technology behind the systems we provide.”

What sets them apart from other companies is their vast knowledge of the energy market in the US. Every system is personalized to fit the specific needs of the home it’s being attached to. During the design phase, the company takes into consideration several variables that affect the system’s cost as well as monthly energy production and efficiency to find the “best case scenario” for each home.

Tycho Energy’s enrollment process includes a preliminary consultation to give homeowners the opportunity to learn more about the process and address any questions they may have. During this consultation, Tycho Energy’s team thoroughly inspects and surveys the home to determine the characteristics of the dwelling and note any special considerations that would maximize benefits for their clients. All the necessary technical and financial details are thoroughly and thoughtfully explained, including a breakdown of their client’s expected financial gain and the timeframe of the entire process. It is then followed by the designing of the system specifically for the client’s house and taking care of the red tape with the city and the utility company, keeping constant communication with the homeowners until they are ready to do the full installation. “We want the families we serve to be happy not only short-term but long-term. We strive to develop a relationship with all of them and become long-term service providers.”

Tycho Energy, Wednesday, August 3, 2022, Press release picture

About Tycho Energy: Tycho Energy 4600 E Washington St. Phoenix AZ 85034, is an environmentally focused Solar Provider that specializes in designing and installing personalized renewable energy solutions for US homeowners. The company’s founders believe in leaving the world in better condition than they found it. Shown above is a photo of Tycho Energy’s team working together on their day off with the Feed My Starving Children Foundation. U.S. homeowners looking to convert their home’s power source to solar energy can call Tycho Energy at 602-466-9766 or visit their website to schedule a free in-home consultation. Tycho Energy is hiring for several positions in Arizona, California, Florida & Texas. If you’d like to learn more about Joining their team & pursuing a career in the clean energy sector, you can apply directly through their website


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