Story of Charles P. Rizzo’s Work in Fleet Management Told Through New Website

The fleet management professional shows a key component of his success through site

The story of Charles P. Rizzo’s experiences as an active waste and recycling industry fleet manager is told through a recently published website.  “ shows a unique aspect of the successful career of Mr. Rizzo,” said a spokesperson for Rizzo.  “The site focuses on one of the most important key elements of the industry, which happens to be an oft-overlooked element – software utilization.”

“Charles P. Rizzo was an early adopter of technological advances that would allow for improved fleet management and enhance the overall connection between various tiers of an operation.  He understands that the proper use of technology can provide a conduit for communication and learning – not just about the status of various pieces of equipment, but between management, staff and field teams.”

“By learning to best integrate technology into the everyday operations of any business, a leader can find new and improved methods of creating a healthy working environment that functions as a cohesive team.”

About Rizzo

Charles P. Rizzo didn’t start out to be an innovator for an often-overlooked industry, but as he set out on his path, innovation came naturally.  As he began to develop his plans and set goals for a waste management company that would become an industry leader, he came to understand that the old way of conducting business was no longer enough for a firm providing consumer services in a technologically advanced era. 

Source: Digital Journal