Rejuvenating Fertility Center Changes the IVF Industry with ORGANIC IVF

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 5, 2022 / Rejuvenating Fertility Center (RFC) has announced a new service to all infertility patients throughout the United States. The service is called “ORGANIC IVF (in vitro fertilization),” and is designed to improve egg quality before undergoing the IVF treatment. A spokesperson for RFC said: “We believe that egg quality, not quantity, is what matters. It only takes one good-quality egg to make a baby. After extensive research over the last two decades, we have utilized our experience in the field to come up with ORGANIC IVF.”

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RFC offers many different fertility treatments that other clinics don’t, and uses ten different types of IVF. Its team feels that every patient is different and all have unique needs. No two infertility cases are exactly alike, so a wide variety of services should be offered as options to customize treatment with the focus on improving the quality of eggs.

Prior to developing ORGANIC IVF, RFC pioneered the use of Natural IVF, Gentle IVF (also called mini-IVF), IVF without injections, Portable IVF, Do-It-Yourself IVF, IVF with Outside Monitoring, and patented an “At-Home IVF kit.” With the injection-free IVF method, the patient receives oral and nasal fertility medications to gently stimulate the ovaries and produce multiple good-quality eggs. During the treatment, RFC monitors hormone levels through the testing of the patient’s saliva and urine rather than via drawing blood. The At-Home IVF kit requires only a single office visit and provides a less expensive and more convenient option.

These fertility options, all combined in one way or the other, led to the development of ORGANIC IVF which includes key steps designed to yield a good-quality egg. The acronym ORGANIC stands for:

● O: Organic food + Ozone Sauna Therapy to lower body inflammation

● R: Rejuvenation with PRP (platelet-rich plasma) to improve egg quality

● G: Glutathione to decrease damage by oxidative stressto the eggs

● A: Anxiety relief to improve ovulation and implantation

● N: N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC), an antioxidant to the ovaries

● I: Intralipids to lower NK (Natural Killer) cells for better implantation

● C: Chemical detox with a healthy lifestyle and intake of supplements such as Vitamin D and CoQ10

PRP ovarian rejuvenation is a major component of the ORGANIC IVF. PRP is produced from the patient’s own blood and concentrates the patient’s own platelets and plasma into injections designed to accelerate healing. The PRP, once injected, stimulates the growth of reparative cells throughout the body. PRP therapy has been used for injured tendons and joints, to treat hair loss, for facial rejuvenation, and now is being offered at RFC for ovarian rejuvenation for women who desire to get pregnant using their own eggs but have low ovarian reserve (low AMH or high FSH), poor egg or embryo quality, POI (Premature Ovarian Insufficiency), or menopause. The injections are administered to the ovaries vaginally, under ultrasound guidance, and without pain.

The other components of ORGANIC IVF are also important and, when used together, have resulted in success for women who have experienced failure to conceive with traditional/conventional IVF treatments. RFC recommends an organic diet and Ozone Sauna Therapy especially for women trying to get pregnant after the age of 35. Ozone has been used for decades for a number of ailments, including inflammation, weight loss, endometriosis, PCOS, skin problems, joint problems, infections, and others. It can serve as a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent, which has been shown to promote fertility by studies published from the RFC research team.

Glutathione is a molecule composed of the amino acids cysteine, glycine, and glutamine, and its purpose is preventing cellular damage. It’s naturally produced in the body and attacks free radicals. It also supports the immune system, accelerates muscular recovery from injury, detoxifies the liver, and enhances the repair of DNA. Glutathione in pill form can aid in fertility by improving cellular quality, specifically egg quality and ultimately embryo quality. NAC (N-acetyl-cysteine) is a supplement that boosts glutathione so they are often used together.

Some types of infertility issues are thought to stem from an overactive immune system, leading the White Blood Cells to attack embryos, since 50% of the embryo comes from the sperm which is considered “foreign” to the body of the woman. Intralipids administered via IV can reduce the number of NK (Natural Killer) cells. These NK cells can make it difficult to become pregnant and are associated with miscarriages. This treatment provides essential fatty acids needed by patients who have suffered recurrent implantation failure or multiple miscarriages.

Stress adversely impacts fertility treatment outcome and studies have shown that most women undergoing IVF have tremendous stress affecting their sex drive and their overall well-being. Anxiety is a natural suppressant of ovulation and even impacts the implantation process. The stress is heightened by all the heavy injections given by most IVF clinics during the traditional/conventional IVF treatments. ORGANIC IVF offered at RFC focuses on anxiety relief because addressing any mental health issues is important for fertility; for example, women with depression are twice as likely to experience infertility. To promote wellness of both mind and body, RFC recommends barely any injections during the fertility journey and implements the use of a chemical detox as well as the use of Vitamin D and CoQ10 supplements to increase fertility as part of the ORGANIC IVF system.

A combination of all the components of RFC’s ORGANIC IVF treatment has offered new hope to women who have experienced failed IVF treatments. PRP ovarian rejuvenation in particular offers a chance for women to conceive using their own eggs rather than using donor eggs.

Rejuvenating Fertility Clinic is New York and Connecticut’s first IVF Center to offer non-conventional, holistic, and organic fertility methods. The clinic is currently accepting patients and offers a variety of IVF options, egg donation and surrogacy, and other fertility treatments.


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