Monkey Inu Joins the IDO Era with a Token Presale

Dubai, UAE, 5th August 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Monkey Inu has announced that it will hold a token presale to fund the development of its innovative new platform. 

The Monkey Inu team is committed to ensuring that all investors feel safe and secure when using the platform. The token presale is a vital part of that goal.

Unveiling the Details of the Upcoming Presale

The Monkey Inu team is excited to announce the details of its upcoming presale on Unicrypt. The presale will commence on August 7th  and should run for around 48 hours. During this time, the project will lock 60% of the raised liquidity for 12 months. 

In addition, the team set a soft cap threshold of 372.995 BNB, with a hard cap level of 1.125 BNB. The event will allow a maximum contribution of,111111 Monkey Inu. 

Finally, the presale price will be 5,333,333,333.333333 Monkey Inu per BNB. With this exciting development, Monkey Inu joins the IDO era and looks forward to continued success.

Monkey Inu’s Strategy to Conquer the Market

Monkey Inu is a new player in the cryptocurrency market with big ambitions. The project has announced a token presale and plans to develop its branding and marketing efforts. 

Monkey Inu also has a strong presence on social media, where it is building a community of supporters. The team will be conducting an AMA with the community as part of its marketing strategy. 

Finally, the company plans to upgrade its launchpad and expand its ambassador program in 2022 Q4. 

With a well-rounded strategy focusing on community building and marketing, Monkey Inu is working hard to attract investors’ attention.

Monkey Inu allows investors to stake their tokens by sending them to the staking contract address. In this way, traders will earn an annual percentage by following different plans. 

Monkey Inu already has an operational decentralized IDO Launchpad. Only those who stake the Monkey Inu token have access to the tokens that will enter the market through the Monkeypad.

The longer someone stakes tokens, the higher the yield rate will be. Specifically, the promised APY ranges from 50% (for seven days) to 125% (for sixty days). The system comes with a lock-up period of seven days, and it has a staking fee equal to 1%.

Furthermore, the project continuously announces reward phases through its social media pages. For example, over the past weeks, the team gave its community a rewarding opportunity through a logo design contest. Moreover, this project also uses airdrops as a way to reward its growing community.

The Launch of an Innovative Token

The Monkey Inu coin will debut on the BNB Chain with a total supply of 20 trillion tokens. The presale operation will allocate 40% of this amount, while 20% of the tokens will constitute the project’s liquidity pool. 

Staking rewards will obtain 13% of the coins, and the team will keep 10% of the tokens.

The project’s marketing campaigns will receive 7% of the tokens, as the team explained. Furthermore, 5% of the supply will be available for the ecosystem and new partnerships. The remaining amount of coins will go to development (2%), airdrops (2%), and charity donations (1%).

The Monkey Inu project will rely on a pre-defined set of transaction taxes for various purposes: 

  • 1% of every transaction will go to all holders, with no minimum requirement. 
  • 3% of every transaction will generate liquidity on the PancakeSwap platform.
  • 3% will enter the market budget and contribute to the project’s development.

About Monkey Inu

Monkey Inu is a platform that provides its community with fair access to early-stage IDO opportunities. The team wishes to allow everyone to acquire highly anticipated tokens before they hit the market. 

Monkey Inu only selects the best projects to add to its Launchpad. The team is committed to providing each one with individual support. Cyberscope ran a successful smart contract audit on Monkey Inu, and its team completed a KYC procedure with this company.

The team has also announced several benefits for token holders. People holding Monkey Inu tokens will get rewarded with a percentage of every transaction. One can also use them to stake and get even more rewards. 

Speaking of rewards include token airdrops and money, tokens, and even things like a chance to win a prize in a contest. Clearly, Monkey Inu is working hard to ensure its token holders find a large set of benefits to participating in the project.

Anyone wishing to know more about Monkey Inu may visit its website or social media pages below.

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