Goodbye Late July, Nicole Simone has officially become Nicole Simone

Simone made the jump and changed her name from Late July to her given name Nicole Simone. “I think I’m just becoming myself after three years of being Late July and trying to hide all these pieces of who I am, I’m ready to coalesce with my music.” Simone has a busy fall with a steady stream of releases including a full six song EP entitled “Green Eyes”.

Simone describes the assortment of songs as “a collection of songs from a very frenetic time of my life” the EP was produced by up and coming producer Jessica Taylor. “I wanted to revise and put these all in one spot because they are all related, there’s similar themes, it’s very fun and dreamy.” On her name Simone notes “I’m first generation Sicilian and Simone is homage to being Italian, something I’ve always shied away from because of the stigma of being Sicilian and people not really believing I am actually Italian.” But the fiery songstress is anything but predictable these days.

The animated redhead who has amassed a large social media following since stepping onto the music scene in 2019, shows no signs of slowing down. “I’m just in a really good headspace with music, writing and producing. Figuring out what I’m like as an artist and how I work has been eye opening. I used to think I needed to do everything myself but working with the right people has helped me get my ideas out sonically in ways I’d never imagined”. Simone’s online presence has a devoted legion of fans who support her music and modelling career in almost a cult-like way.

Simone’s next song and the first single under her own name, “American”, was produced by Kyle McCammon (Lean) in Los Angeles. It’s a dark power synth pop anthem that is spooky while being tongue and cheek. The lyrics cry for salvation while the assortment of synths harken Kate Bush and Kavinsky drives the song in a suspenseful direction. “American is a dystopian love letter to LA. I love this city but it terrifies me on the daily.” You can catch Simone playing live shows and keep up with her creative adventures 

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