Europe Heatwaves: Survey Reveals “Huge Wildfire” Possible Concern

DUBAI, UAE / ACCESSWIRE / August 1, 2022 / Survey shows that the primary concern from the recent extreme heatwaves has been the outbreak of “huge wildfires” in various parts of Europe, specifically in the UK, Spain, France, Greece, and Portugal among other countries.

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The recent heatwaves that scorched their way through various parts of Europe have raised multiple concerns about the repercussions of such record-breaking temperatures. Specifically, the abovementioned parts of Europe recorded some of the highest temperatures it has ever experienced in decades, taking residents by surprise.

Experts and environmentalists pointed to another pressing concern, global warming, as the source of such “abnormally high temperatures.” Real Research– an online survey application conducted a survey on the recent heatwaves in Europe and revealed the findings, stressing the severity of climate change.

Where did all this begin? When asked on the survey regarding the same, it was revealed that up to 44% blame global warming as a leading cause of abnormally high temperatures.

However, concerns about the heatwave and climate change do not stop there. Experts have also suggested the possibility of other ‘phenomena’ caused by the heatwaves. According to the survey, 40% of respondents expressed concerns about huge wildfires as a result of the rising heatwaves, whereas 20.79% worried about droughts, and 11.46% are anxious about ‘heatflation’ (heat + inflation) due to a severe drop in crop yields. A further 6.79% also inferred the possibility of glaciers melting in various parts of the world, and 6.37% also suggested that the heatwaves can lead to massive death of livestock.

However, these heatwaves and the bigger problem, Climate change needs to be resolved sooner before it is too late. The survey revealed that efforts should be taken by individuals (41.72%), governments (20.63%), international organizations (10.49%), and environmental groups (7.63%) alike to rectify the damage done.

The survey also asks respondents what steps they are currently taking to fight climate change. To this, 30.63% reduce their use of packaging materials, whereas 15.86% practice separating trash, 9.11% reduce their gas emissions, and 8.88% save energy.

On another note, as part of rectifying the damages of climate change, the survey asks if respondents feel economic growth should be given up to prevent further climate change damages. 42.7% ‘strongly agree’, leaving 21.54% who agree, and 13.71% who disagree.

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