Difference Between Pop Music And Rock Music And Which Is Better

What is rock? What is pop? If all are music how they are different? This is a question that most people ask. And the answer to this lies below.

Music is a universal language. It is a language of souls and due to the diverse world of music has also become diverse. Music has been divided into various genres. These genres were custom created by people to achieve the varying taste requirements of different communities. Music can fulfill the various needs of people be it for listening, entertainment or as a means of rebelling. Among these genres, the two most popular genres are pop and rock and people often want to know what the difference between this two is.


Pop or popular music was first originated in the 1950s. And now pop music is influenced from various genres of music like urban, rock, dance, country and Latin music and then is created with great lyrics and formats with a focus on love and many other themes. Nowadays other than common themes pop music is being made with various targeting themes like strength and encouragement etc.

One example of this is Amen Ra’s songs which are available on It is the type of music which recorded with the focus to attract huge masses and so is made to appeal different tastes. Rather than live performance pop music focuses more on artistic delivery, recording, and production. It has a progressive development compared to the past.


Rock is a genre of music that originated around the 1960s mainly from the United States and the United Kingdom. Rock music is influenced by country and blues music and has roots in the 50’s rock and roll music which was very popular at that time. Rock music mainly focuses on noise like the use of bass guitar, electric guitar and heavy drum beats. It also is made in focus with diverse themes such as love, sex, betrayal, political and social, etc.

Rock music is a kind of rebelling music. Rock music has also categories like jazz-rock, punk rock, country rock, psychedelic rock, folk rock, blues rock, hard rock and soft rock. Among all these heavy metal is another type of rock that is the most intense rock form which is played with very much intensity and volume. It is the more aggressive type of music compared to pop that is more soothing.

Difference Between Pop And Rock Music

Pop is very different from rock although some people consider it a soft type of rock but unlike rock, pop music is a music genre that is made with the motive to reach a larger audience. Rock music can be defined as an ideology or subculture that doesn’t reach masses. Where pop music is generally performed solo like, rock music is performed in groups or bands also called rock bands to be specific. But there are also some pop bands that perform live and people love them.

Pop music sounds very pleasing to the ears when listened with very much artistic depth. On the other hand, rock music seems noisier and instead of music, it is more like screaming. Some good rock bands make songs with good lyrics and good artistry, but most of the rock bands are all about high music and distortion. The pop music focuses on things like artistry, production, dance beats, vocals, lyrics as well as singing.

Most of the pop singers have great voices whereas with rock music it is hard to tell whether it is singing or screaming. In rock music, only guitars and music are given most priority on the stage than other things. Some people don’t like to hear rock music as it doesn’t sound pleasing to hear, but pop music is a genre of music that can’t sound unpleasing. Also, rock music is live and pop music is recorded and released, but sometimes it is also performed live. Also, rock music has very aggressive themes which may not be good for children to hear.

Pop music and rock music are two different types of music genres made to suit different tastes around the world. Some people like rock and some like pop and some like both. It depends upon the audience which is best pop or rock.

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