Clear The Road calling for stories about damage caused by illegal road blockades for inclusion in class action

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Aug. 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Clear The Road is once again asking anyone harmed by illegal and dangerous road blockades to share their stories for inclusion in a potential class action lawsuit.

The blockades were re-started over the long weekend and disrupted traffic in Stanley Park this morning, just one month after the small group behind them pledged to stop blocking highways and adopt other tactics. In the meantime, the group has taken to defacing public buildings and attractions with spray paint.

Motorists subject to these criminal actions this morning prior to 9 am should register their information at this link:

“Once again, unsuspecting travellers have been hit by individuals with the intent to disrupt society in violation of the Criminal Code of Canada,” said Tamara Meggitt, Clear The Road campaign organizer.

“We will no longer tolerate action that disrupt so many lives – especially when it is on the basis of misinformation,” she added.

“The reality is that British Columbia has vast stretches of parks and protected old growth forest and the highest standards for old growth forestry in the world. Our forest sector is responsible, and produces products we all rely on every day. It deserves our support.”

Since launching its bid for a class-action lawsuit earlier this summer, Clear The Road has heard from numerous residents about how they’ve been harmed by the blockades. The group has heard from people who missed important medical treatments for themselves or their children, people who were being transported by ambulance but were held up behind blockades, and truck drivers unable to deliver food and other important goods as they spent hours idling on the highway.

Clear The Road has gathered over 1,300 signatures on a petition against road blockades and in favour of a class-action lawsuit to recover damages from protesters.

Anyone interested in joining the potential legal action can sign up on the group’s website, or send an email to [email protected].

Anyone planning to submit their stories should gather as much information as possible, including data from their phones – smartphones with geotracking turned on will automatically capture key data about the duration and location of an incident. This will help to assess damages when the action moves forward.


Tamara Meggitt

c. 250 897-2823

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