CK Trading Institute of Technology Unleashes Goliath 2.0

United States – CK Trading Institute of Technology LLC, a venture based in the US, launches Goliath 2.0, a futures automated trading bot. This is another remarkable trading tool for people looking to make passive income and achieve financial freedom.

“We are excited to release our latest automated trading bot called Goliath 2.0. This is unlike any other bot you have seen before. At CK Trading Institute of Technology, we are committed to helping individuals become 100% financially self-sufficient through FOREX trading using our advanced trading tools. Our bots use a combination of complex algorithms and strategies to trade automatically in the financial markets. It’s a whole new science and has opened the door to new types of investors and traders to enter the market and be profitable,” says Bryan Peterson from CK Trading Institute of Technology LLC.

CK Trading Institute of Technology LLC. is the first non-hedge fund to become a $594 million company in less than 90 days.

CEO and founder of the CK Trading Institute and one of Forbes’ wealthiest listed CEOs under the age of 50, George (CK) Ama attributes the immense growth and popularity of their platform to the increasing need from the general public for truly passive income in a current bear market.

“People are tired of their traditional bank savings account earning less than 1% when they can have a goliath bot work that same money and make anywhere from 5 to 16% per month passively depending on market conditions.”

The CK Trading Institute of Technology wants to level the playing field and give regular hard-working individuals a fighting chance against market makers and hedge fund managers.

“Our trading tools are designed to help motivated individuals beat market odds and create more winning trades,” adds Bryan. “If you’re looking for a no-fuss way to get into automated trading, or even just get a piece of it, you’re at the right place.”

Automated trading bots are beneficial to investors who don’t have much time to monitor the markets themselves or are not very educated about the way the markets work. They are also great for investors who don’t have the confidence to make their own investment decisions. Based on the trading strategies and algorithms coded in the trading bots, they are able to determine where to invest, how much to invest and when to take out the profits.

The company’s trading bot works by setting an automated trading strategy, and by using a high-performing technical analysis indicator, it generates trading signals to buy and sell at a specific moment. The software not only produces outstanding results but is also very simple to use. It offers support to trade in various currency pairs, markets, or timeframes. Today, CK Trading boasts of several happy clients who have seen remarkable results using the automated trading bots developed by the company.

About CK Trading Institute of Technology

CK Trading Institute of Technology is the home of the #1 Forex education platform and creators of the winning automated trading bots.

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