Aphios Pharma Raises More Than $90K from 80 Investors Via Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

Aphios Pharma Raises More Than $90K from 80 Investors Via Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

Woburn, MA. – August 23, 2022 – Aphios Pharma, a plant-based drug developer, focused on treating central and peripheral nervous system disorders, such as anxiety, cancer pain or Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and opioid use disorder without the use of opioids, has raised over $90K in capital through a Wefunder equity crowdfunding campaign. This green-biotech firm uses nanoencapsulation in its delivery method, is valued at $70 million, and has a $250 starting investment.

Plant-based therapeutic edibles and inhalants have been used to relieve pain for decades without opioids or other prescription drugs. However, they are only partially effective since they are made up of a combination of compounds that aren’t specific to the disease. Additionally, they have shorter durations of efficacy because they move through the body quickly. Unlike the conventional means of using plant-based therapeutics to treat pain – and anxiety – Aphios Pharma uses a proprietary approach. 

“For the most part, plant-based therapeutics work for anxiety, chronic pain, opioid use disorder, anxiety, and Multiple Sclerosis but only acutely because of how they are smoked or ingested. Plant-based therapeutics only work partially because they are usually mixtures of many compounds that are nonspecific for the disease, and only acutely because they are like olive oil that goes right through the body when ingested or smoked,” said Dr. Trevor P. Castor, President, and CEO of Aphios Pharma, LLC.  

“Our value proposition is that we are developing specific cannabinoids for specific diseases and will deliver them in patented, proprietary nanoparticles to control their release in the body and sustain their efficacy for chronic illnesses.” Dr. Castor adds.

Endocannabinoids are naturally occurring molecules that help keep your body functioning efficiently and balance your nervous system. Endocannabinoids can become imbalanced when adverse health events like pain or anxiety occur. Aphios Pharma’s medical products will introduce additional cannabinoids, balancing the nervous system and promoting good physical and mental health. Funds raised through Aphios Pharma’s equity crowdfunding campaign will help move their plant-based drugs toward clinical trials to receive FDA approval and eventually be available to people with anxiety, chronic pain, and other medical conditions. It will also support additional research as they continue to search for more natural, plant-based medicines.

For more information about Aphios Pharma and their equity crowdfunding campaign, visit their WeFunnder page.

About Aphios Pharma: 

Aphios® Pharma is dedicated to delivering, developing, and commercializing plant-based drugs for CNS and other debilitating disorders. They are developing FDA-approved, plant-based drugs for treating highly unmet central and peripheral nervous system disorders such as anxiety, opioid addiction, and chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathic pain that are only acutely addressed by extant plant-based medicines. Aphios Pharma is utilizing patented and proprietary nanotechnologies to improve oral bioavailability of disease-specific cannabinoids and control their release for the treatment of chronic diseases; converting natural drugs that are anecdotally used to treat acute conditions into well-defined and characterized drugs for chronic conditions.

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