A Teacher and Reading Specialist Creates a Revolutionary Board Game

Brandi Dugal, a teacher and reading specialist, has created a revolutionary board game that is changing how children learn to read. The game, which is backed by the science of reading, uses a multisensory approach to help children learn to read in an engaging and fun way.

The game, which is called The Fidget Game, is designed to help children develop the foundational skills of reading, such as recognizing and blending sounds and decoding words. It also encourages the use of context clues and sight word recognition to help children comprehend what they are reading.

The game is based on extensive research conducted by Brandi, which revealed that the traditional methods of teaching reading are often ineffective. She found that a multisensory approach to reading was more successful in helping children understand and retain the material.

The Fidget Game was designed with that in mind. The game is set up like a board game, with players competing to reach the goal of “reading mastery”. This game is for grades Pre-K to grade 3 and provides packs of cards for each grade level to help track children’s progress. 

The game has been a huge success and is now being used in over 50,000 schools in the USA. Brandi is determined to gamify the entire US curriculum by extensively researching the best ways children learn. The next games she is creating will be teaching children how to learn new languages. She is starting with French, Spanish, and Mandarin! 

Brandi was asked what her motivation was for creating these games –

“As an educator, I saw firsthand how difficult and stressful it was for children to learn how to read. I wanted to find a way to make learning fun and less stressful for them, so I created The Fidget Game. Children should be able to learn important skills in a fun and engaging way, and board games can help them do just that. I hope these games can make a difference in the lives of children with all different abilities and help them become confident and successful readers.”

The game is helping to revolutionize the way children learn to read and is providing them with a fun and engaging way to do so. Brandi’s revolutionary board game is making a positive impact on education and is helping to ensure that children have the skills they need to succeed.

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