5 Mistakes Travellers Make and How to Avoid Them

Traveling for everyone around the world is a necessity, food for the soul. But there are times when even the most experienced travelers make rookie mistakes (of course, there’s no scope for mistakes during virtual travel, which are often just minor misunderstandings, but can also sometimes ruin a good trip if you’re not careful.

While there’s no way to plan for every potential setback that you may face on a trip, you can always plan ahead to prevent your vacation from turning upside down. So, here are some handy travel tips that you can use to guarantee an amazing time on your journey.


This is probably the most frequent mistake that travelers make. You start thinking about every possible scenario that could befall you when you’re on the road, ‘to be prepared’, and before you know it, you’ve stuffed your entire closet into your suitcase. Let’s be real, though, you’re not going to wear all those outfits you’ve packed. Be choosy about the clothes you decide to bring—go for multipurpose items, wrinkle-resistant fabrics, and colours that mix well. With a little bit of planning, you can avoid pesky annoyances like checked baggage fees and overweight luggage.

Having an Overambitious Itinerary

There are travelers who pack everything into their itinerary. For example, stuffing in five things when they only have time for two. Instead, be flexible. Don’t be afraid to change your plans due to weather or money shortage or other issues that may crop up at the last moment. Secondly, if you’re only traveling for a day or two, don’t try to stuff your itinerary with activities that would normally take a person 5 days or a week to complete. You don’t want to be missing out on certain things in your hurry to experience everything. Remember, you don’t need to see the whole country in one visit; planning to do so will make you feel unaccomplished.

Losing Track of Your Budget

Many travelers often end up overspending during their trips in their excitement to try out new things. Instead, consider your budget as a way to experience the place more creatively and more authentically; not as a restriction. Create a realistic budget you can stick to and allow some breathing room for unexpected expenses. 

Being Too Much of a Tourist

While overdoing your itinerary is one thing, being too much of a tourist is another thing that travelers do wrong. Spending your entire trip on the resort might sound relaxing, but smart travelers make the most of their time abroad by getting out and exploring the amazing place they’ve spent good money to visit! Talk to locals, wander the backstreets, try new food, and ask around to discover experiences you might otherwise have missed. Not only will you have an incredible time, but you’ll probably also save some cash by getting off the beaten path and living more like a local. Don’t make the travel guide your travel bible!

Not Checking Visa Requirements Beforehand

Every country has its own entry requirements and visa regulations. Not bothering to check if you need to apply for a visa before traveling can be the costliest mistake you can make (both time and money-wise). Imagine arriving at your destination, excited and ready to go, and being turned away because you don’t have the proper documents – horrible, right? Your government’s website should specify whether or not you need a visa to visit a specific country and if so, talk you through the process of applying for one. Make sure you follow all the guidelines to the point!

Even though all these mistakes are common, it’s possible you won’t be able to make them any time soon, due to the pandemic restrictions in most countries. However, you can certainly try virtual tours, which will take you anywhere you want to go into the world and a chance for you not to stress about making these mistakes. Virtual tourism will also help you plan ahead for the trip you’ve been thinking of and had to cancel because of the pandemic. Happy travels!

Source: ArticleCube