0xytocin labs announces 8080 Tools, a no-code toolkit to cut all NFT launch costs by 90% @ Godjira Invasion, Singapore

Between 22nd-24th July 2022, Singapore experienced one of its biggest NFT events to date, the Godjira Invasion. The event was packed with big reveals and announcements for the Godjira and web3 community. The event was sponsored by 0xytocin Labs, a web3 studio with a proven track record of helping NFT projects launch their minting, staking, and marketplace dApps, along with x2y2 and Tokenize Xchange.

0xytocin Labs is the dev studio behind some well renowned projects like Project Godjira, YetiTown, Chain Scouts (whom they recently acquired) and many more. At the event, 0xytocin Labs along with Project Godjira revealed their upcoming platform 8080 Tools.

8080 Tools enables NFT founders to easily launch their minting dApp, staking interface, secondary marketplace and merch/WL marketplaces for their NFT collection in minutes and with just a few clicks. This is expected to reduce the launch costs for a project by an estimated 90%! (Devs today charge between 10-30ETH per deployment, with long TATs of 2-3 weeks; 8080 aims to do each deployment at ~2ETH within a few minutes).

The goal of 8080 is to disrupt the web3 space by becoming a one-stop platform for artists and creators to launch their NFT projects flawlessly. The user experience on mint day is important for a project. 8080 Mint ensures a smooth mint experience with an optimised contract, a beautiful UI and a gas free whitelisting process. With 8080 project owners can also launch their utility token along with a staking interface with configurable yield seamlessly. In order to provide further utility, projects can use 8080 to launch a marketplace where the project can sell their own merchandise, partner WL spots and much more, powered by their own token.

8080 has taken decentralized ownership a step further by making it possible to launch a secondary marketplace, to grant full autonomy of a project to its creators and the community. Everyone is familiar with the problem associated with the centralised marketplaces in the space- a project can be de-listed without any prior notice! With 8080 you can set up your own secondary marketplace powered by your own token, ETH and at the same time make the transactions gas less!

Project Godjira will work towards promoting and getting the word out for this product, along with their roadmap fostering innovation and inclusion in the NFT and web3 space.

8080 ensures project founders and artists are able to build their projects without worrying about the technology, all at an affordable cost.

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Source: Digital Journal