What to Pack for Your First Family Vacation

When you are traveling on your first vacation with a family, it is difficult to know what to pack. Depending on the type of vacation that you are planning, you can only pack a small number of items. Here are some of the things that you should plan on packing.

Packing Tip 1: Medications

You should always pack your prescription medications while traveling along with bringing along new prescription forms about the medications so that you can visit a pharmacist. Bringing along a few store-bought medications for headaches, cuts or allergies is also a good idea.

Packing Tip 2: Clothing

It is essential to have clothing, but you should pack lightweight items that are easy to wash and dry. Some fabrics are easier to launder in a hotel room, so you won’t need to bring along as many garments. Choose outfits that coordinate with each other, and also, remember that you may need to wear a shirt or slacks more than once. If your hotel has an ironing board and iron, then you can get rid of wrinkles so that you still look great.

Packing Tip 3: Shoes

If you are doing a lot of sightseeing, then your shoes will have more moisture than normal, so it is a good idea to switch between different pairs of shoes. This can prevent painful blisters that will make traveling difficult. Find comfortable but lightweight shoes that you can carry easily, and also, place your socks inside the shoes to save space.

Packing Tip 4: Activities for Children

When you are traveling with children, having activities for your children is vital, but you must choose the items wisely. Bring along small toys or booklets rather than larger items. Check with a hotel to determine if it has a play area or activities available for your children.

Packing Tip 5: Swimsuits

Having access to a swimming pool is one of the best things about traveling, so you will need swimsuits. However, avoid bringing along heavy beach towels because most hotels have huge bath towels that you can use.

Packing Tip 6: Sunscreen Lotion

Pack sunscreen lotion to use at the beach or while sightseeing to avoid a bad sunburn that can make you miserable. Carry the sunscreen lotion with you to apply to your skin and to your children’s skin.

Packing Tip 7: Toiletries

When you are traveling, you will need toiletries such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, conditioner, mouthwash and soap along with deodorant, razors and moisturizing lotions. Look for travel-size bottles and tubes of toiletries, or alternatively, you can use small empty bottles that you can fill.

Packing Tip 8: Important Documents

You will need important documents such as a passport for each person in your family along with driver’s licenses and copies of birth certifications. Place these documents in a sealed plastic bag to protect the items from damage.

Packing Tip 9: Camping Trips

If you are going on a camping trip, then you must consider having beverages and food along with tents, sleeping bags, and tarps. You will also need a way to store and prepare food properly. It is possible that you will need to pack your own fuel for a campfire.

Packing Tip 10: Eyeglasses, Contact Lenses and Sunglasses

When someone in your family needs eyeglasses or contact lenses, it is a good idea to have extras of these items with you in case the items are needed. In addition, bring along sunglasses to wear while sightseeing to protect everyone’s eyes from the damages of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Packing Tip 11: Packing Baby Stuff

Traveling with babies or toddlers is a more difficult task, and it requires packing more items. Before traveling, think about staying at hotels that provide items such as baby cribs or toddler beds so that you won’t need to pack these items. You should also pack diapers, baby wipes and formula for your infant along with packing jars of baby food for toddlers.

Packing Tip 12: Pack in a Minimalistic Way

If you want to pack in a minimalistic way, then explore Hawaiian cruises for your family. First, you will know that the weather is warm and sunny, so you won’t need to pack heavy clothing. In addition, cruise ships keep a variety of supplies available so you won’t need to pack many of the items that you might need for other types of vacations.

Organize Your Items

Packing cubes are some of the best things to use in your luggage to organize each family member’s things. You might think that using foldable and lightweight packing cubes is a bad idea, but it actually can keep you organized and help you to pack fewer items on a vacation.


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