What to Explore in Colorado?

The sunsets on the horizon, turning red the desert dunes or the mountains’ angular profile: no, you are not in a western film but in the country that was the setting for these cinematic adventures. Colorado, the land of mountains, deserts, majestic forests, and rushing rivers, like the one from which the state takes its name. Therefore, on a trip to this extraordinary place, you cannot ignore the wonderful natural beauties. Colorado hosts four national parks among the most beautiful in the States, such as the Great Sand Dunes or the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, eleven national forests, peaks over 4000 meters, hot springs in Strawberry Park, breathtaking landscapes to be immortalized in photographs and memories to always carry with you.

But in addition to the wilderness, theme parks, art, and history museums await you, modern cities like Denver or picturesque like Durango, scenic roads to travel on two wheels, or risky railways poised in the Rocky Mountains. Adventure calls, what are you waiting to answer? Discover all the attractions by following the Colorado travel guide and make it a remembering trip.

Colorado on the road: choose your favorite four (or two) wheels and embark on this adventurous and scenic itinerary. It starts from Colorado Springs, with the Garden of the Gods, continues with the Rio Grande National Forest, and then the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. It is then the turn of Aspen, and then the Grand Mesa National Forest and Capitol Peak. From Glenwood Springs we head towards Denver, stopping in Vail and Rocky Mountain National Park, to end the tour with a visit to the capital.

Old West: Colorado is one of the countries where better to experience the atmosphere of Western films. It starts from Denver, from which to reach Red Rocks Park and Lookout Mountain, where Buffalo Bill Cody rests. We then continue to Breckenridge, Keystone, and Vail, crossing the beautiful mountains of Colorado. After crossing the wonderful Glenwood Canyon, follow the course of the Colorado River to Grand Junction, near which you can visit the breeding of the last North American mustangs. Highly recommended, if you have time, is the Durango vintage train, in which to experience the experience of a slow journey through the mountains, equipped with all modern comforts.

Nightlife: If after hiking and adventures in Colorado nature you still have the strength to go local, here are some useful tips for you. The center of the nightlife is undoubtedly the capital Denver, very lively and that will give you sparkling and special evenings. The historic center of the nightlife is Larimer street: once it housed the most famous saloons, now replaced by pubs and restaurants where you can refresh yourself like and more than the old cowboys. Other places to find nightlife are Breckenridge, Durango, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins.

The most important museums:

The country where the battle for the conquest of the West was fought can only reflect this fascinating history in museums and archaeological sites. But not only the Wild West, but there are also many aspects of local art and culture that you can get to know in the appropriate facilities in Colorado.

Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Natural history exhibits, IMAX shows, a fabulous planetarium, but also activities and lessons: all possible tools to fully immerse yourself in the wonders of science, Colorado, the Earth, and the entire universe.

History Colorado Center

The ideal place to learn about the history of this fascinating country while having fun. Six permanent exhibitions: Living West, Denver AZ, Colorado Stories, Denver Diorama, Destination Colorado, and Time Machine. Suitable for the whole family.

Dinosaur Journey Museum

Ready to see history’s most fearsome predators in action again? In this themed museum, you will be greeted by robot dinosaurs, together with real fossils, simulations of seismic phenomena, experiences in paleontology laboratories. Guaranteed fun, especially for children and fans.

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