We can Protect a Million American Women From Being Raped Each Year

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States – 07-26-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

A Forensic Police DNA Rape Prevention Method

Around 3,000 girls and women are raped every day in America. That is more than a million rapes every year. And no one seems to know how to protect them from this crime. I learned a very simple way to protect all those girls and women (and children). Every time any man ejaculates, he sends out 250,000,000 separate sperm, each of which contains his unique complete set of DNA molecules. Modern Forensic Police can examine any crime scene and if they can identify even just ten of a man’s unique DNA molecules in the crime scene, they know WHO the criminal was. This is now done every day in identifying criminals.

If a rape victim girl or woman carefully preserves her underwear and clothing, possibly in a sealed Tupperware container, any modern Police Laboratory or Hospital Laboratory can easily find far more than ten of a rapist’s DNA molecules from a rape crime scene, on her underwear or clothing, out of the 250,000,000 DNA of the man who committed the rape. Think about it. How else can the unique DNA of a man’s sperm get on a girl’s underwear in a Police Evidence container?

Once men realized how impossible it is for them to secure all their 250,000,000 of personally identifiable DNA molecules from a rape crime, even the dumbest man will realize that they cannot get away with the crime of rape.

All women and girls and children will suddenly be extremely safe from ever being raped again.

For 26 years, I had been a Minister in a Christian Church (A Christ Walk Church). People talk to Ministers about everything! (under total confidentiality). As a result, I eventually came to realize that essentially EVERY WOMAN in our community has been raped many times (with the possible exception of a couple great-grandmothers). So few people seem to ever even been aware of the MILLION WOMEN who get raped every year in America to ever even think about the problem. Only the one woman who had just gotten raped seems aware of the crime, and she often does NOT want to talk to the Police.

This Forensic DNA system also works to protect little children in Catholic Churches and Mormon Churches from evil Priests where the Churches do not otherwise know how to protect those millions of kids. A couple years ago, I sent a complete description and explanation of this Forensic DNA system of rape prevention to Pope Francis of the Catholic Church in the Vatican and he seemed to really like it. I got THREE (translated into English) letters back from the Pope! Wow!

We just need to teach those kids to save their underwear after such rapes (and preserve them).

No one seems to know how to protect the millions of college Coeds from being raped.

There is evidence that many of those Coeds get raped several times during their four years in College.

This Forensic DNA system totally protects every single one of them from EVER being raped! 

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