Want to Cut Back on Dairy? Try a Vegan Egg Substitute

In the past decade or so, healthy eating doesn’t present the palatability challenges it once did.  Grittiness, aftertastes, the expense of preparation or driving to the stores that sold these products. Today, many foods like meatless burger patties, vegan egg substitutes, and sugar alternatives cost less than dining out.  Thankfully,  a new generation of food manufacturers has changed our options for eating healthier without going completely broke.  


Everyday Cooking with Eggless Products

While eggless powders are great for making savory dishes, liquified eggless products are more versatile.  This means your omelets, pastries, and Asian rice entrees will have the same taste without the cholesterol found in egg yolks.  If you need a product that mixes easily or you want to add texture, vegan mayonnaise may also do the trick.

If you’re someone who needs to watch what they eat, not only are eggless products versatile in cooking, but affordable.   They’re also easier to find in most major supermarket chains.  As it may take a minute to navigate which brand or product is best, TV personality Dr. Oz recommends using an egg and a substitution in equal parts.


Getting Used to Taste and Texture

Some consumers still have negative ideas regarding the taste of vegan food. Plant-based meats, which continue to grow in popularity are still met with some skepticism from lifelong carnivores.  Many modern dairy-free and meatless products are made from dried herbs, beans, seeds, and tofu.  

Even though some brands have a lengthy shelf life, the number of preservatives used is minimal. However, anyone looking to use these products should read the label carefully before buying.  The reason is some powdered versions may contain a moderate amount of seasoning that wouldn’t work for making sweet baked goods. 

While eggs have a nutritional value, the amount of cholesterol in a whole egg eaten regularly over time is something to consider.  Liquid egg whites were the sensible substitute for baking and other cooking but lacked the taste needed for traditional egg dishes.  Even worse, these had a limited freshness time duration once you opened the container.  According to many manufacturers, egg whites don’t hold up well once they’ve been frozen and thawed.


Advantages to Using Eggless Products

For those constantly on the go, many vegan egg products are easy to carry.  This means no more broken shells or exploding cartons after a bumpy car ride.  Most powdered versions dissolve easily and can be added to microwaveable meals as a liquid.   While most eggs, in general, lose flavor after freezing, liquid eggs make coffeehouse-style egg bites that can be frozen for a short period after baking.

As there are many brands on the market today, you pretty much have to find a brand that’s both affordable and versatile.   Once you find a brand that you like, you can say goodbye to pan scorching, broken yolks, and shell pieces getting cooked inside of your dish.  While egg whites pretty much have to remain refrigerated, powdered eggs should stay in a space that’s slightly cooler than room temperature once opened.

Although some chain supermarkets and smaller grocers may carry a small selection of vegan foods, many online sellers or specialty grocers offer a wider selection of flavors.  It’s just worthy to note that some of these preseasoned powdered egg products may be higher in sodium than the plain version.  However, gourmet or specialty stores normally have a live person that can offer suggestions for the undecided.  You may also find a blog with recipes and recommendations for cooking with a particular brand.  Another way to pick the right one is to read online reviews found on food or merchant sites that detail taste and cooking uses for the everyday kitchen chef.

Source: ArticleCube