“Walkbye”: The Dating App That Connects Singles in Real-time Through Social Media

PROVO, UT / ACCESSWIRE / January 24, 2023 / Dating in the digital age has become increasingly popular and convenient with the rise of dating apps. These apps have made connecting and meeting new people easier, regardless of their location. However, a new dating app, Walkbye, has emerged to make the dating experience even easier.

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The founders of Walkbye, Davis Allen and Brad Neuhaus believe that dating can be a daunting and stressful experience, and their app is designed to take some of that stress away. Walkbye is a dating app that aims to create a more relaxed and natural dating experience by connecting users with people they see in real-time. Oftentimes single people see others in their day-to-day activities who catch their eye; however, most of the time, they never do anything about it.

Users can see the profile of someone they are interested in, complete with pictures, hobbies, and interests. Instead of trying to match with that person, Walkbye provides alternative ways to connect with them by linking their profiles to their social media accounts.

For example, if a user sees someone at the gym who piques their interest, they can use the app to see that person’s profile and find out which social media accounts they have linked. Then, the user can use those platforms to reach out to that person and connect with them more naturally.

By having users link their social media accounts, they have new ways to connect with that person. For example, they can see mutual followers or friends and use them to be set up, send them a message on the chosen social media platform, or even more confidently go up to them in person and start a conversation after discovering their dating status. All-in-all, Walkbye provides new opportunities for single people to connect with others that didn’t otherwise exist.

The app allows users to discover the singles around them within a designated area. Once a user opens the app, they will see a map view where they can change the radius and desired age range of their search area. A “Swipe Up” list view on the bottom of the screen shows all users within the chosen radius. Users can scroll through the list view, click on a profile, learn more about the user and also click on one of their attached social media profiles to better connect with them.

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Walkbye helps users interact on the spot with their “Vibing” feature. Each user has a Vibing button that can be turned on and off. If the button is highlighted, the user is open to being approached in person, and if the button is turned off, the user would prefer to connect through social media profiles. This feature allows users to communicate their preferences and make the dating experience more comfortable.

Davis Allen and Brad Neuhaus created Walkbye after seeing many missed opportunities for single people to connect with other singles. Many times, when single people see others in real-time and wish to know who that person is, a wide array of thoughts stop them from going up and introducing themselves.

Some of these thoughts are not knowing whether or not that person is actually single, the fear of being rejected in person, not knowing how to start a conversation, the environment not being suitable to approach them, and the list goes on. Unfortunately, they now have missed the opportunity to connect with that individual, which also causes frustration and pessimism toward dating. The goal of Walkbye is to help provide the bridge to connect with those individuals and to never miss out on those opportunities in the future.

If you’re looking for a dating app that emphasizes offline interactions and is designed to make the dating experience more relaxed and enjoyable, then Walkbye may be the app for you. The app is available for download on iOS and Android devices. You can also follow Walkbye on social media to stay updated on the latest news and features.


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So, next time someone catches your attention, don’t just let them “walk by.” Download Walkbye and see how it can help you connect with the single people around you. With Walkbye, you won’t have to worry about missed opportunities again. Instead, Walkbye will discover and connect you with the people you encounter daily. For more information on this revolutionary approach to dating, visit

Click HERE for the Apple App Store or HERE for the Google Play Store.

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