Travelling Abroad for Medical Tourism? Here Is a Checklist to Help You Travel Better!

Medical tourism is touring around the world for healthcare benefits. Today, traveling overseas is a lot cheaper and convenient and the global healthcare industry has seen much development in recent years. Together these two factors contribute to the growth of medical tourism from developed to developing countries where quality healthcare services are available at a very affordable price.

Medical tourism is a boon to the healthcare and travel industry as more and more patients are traveling to developing countries in search of quality healthcare services at a cheaper price.

Let’s discuss benefits of medical tourism with citations:


The low cost of healthcare in countries excluding the USA and European countries encourage patients to explore options in developing countries. But some people relate quality of service with a price. For them, cheaper is inferior. They think medical tourism is a scam. But they are wrong. Brands across the globe assemble their products in China to save labor cost and not to cut corners on quality. Similarly, developing countries offer cheaper healthcare services in comparison to developed nations.

For example, hip replacement surgery costs $20,000 in the US; $15,000 in Singapore and $10,000 in Thailand. But in India, it costs less than $6,000. The huge saving in medical expense can fund your family trip to nature parks, historic cities, and theme parks.

Another misconception about medical tourism is that insurance companies don’t fund such tours. But the reality is that insurers are more than happy to fund such trips. Also, the overseas hospitals have a business partnership with leading healthcare insurers to facilitate medical tourism.

Quality Healthcare

Vivien Reyes, Callbox Marketing Manager, and Author, elaborates the concept of quality of global healthcare in her article the “crucial benefit of telemarketing service in the field of healthcare” in the best manner.

The quality of medical service that doctors in the US provide at millions of dollars is available at a few thousand dollars half a world away. The advancement in the medical field has leveled the field of the global healthcare industry. See, many healthcare professionals including dentists and cosmetic surgeons study at same schools before moving to their home countries for starting their clinics.

Another important thing about doctors is that the doctors in US are often too busy with their present commitments and appointments that they can’t devote much time to patients. On the other hand, doctors in Asia have lighter workload hence they have more time for patients.

Also, the medical tourists are provided more care and attention as the reputation of the hospitals depends on how they treat medical tourists.

Availability of Healthcare Services

It is perhaps a bigger advantage of medical tourism. You get quick attention instead of waiting for a long time. In US and UK, patients are made to wait for a long time to get a specific treatment. If a patient needs a therapy not approved by healthcare regulatory authority is made to suffer for no fault of him. But in medical tourism, the tourists are the priority for hospitals hence they get quick treatment.

Example: An article in states that FDA didn’t give its nod for stem cell and hip resurfacing for cancer, kidney and vascular diseases for a long time. But some stem cell treatments had regulatory approval in other countries. Those who can’t get stem cell in the US can go abroad for treatment where it has regulatory approval.

Many countries don’t allow alternative therapies like homeopathy, Ayurveda, and naturopathy. But it doesn’t mean that these therapies are unsafe or useless. They are approved, allowed and practiced in Asian countries where they are recommended for the absence of side effects. Patients can avail of these alternative therapies in medical tourism.

Travel Opportunities

The word tourism makes medical treatment a magic for patients. It is an opportunity to travel abroad while getting quality treatment at the hands of experienced surgeons and doctors. Just think about the pristine Thai beaches, backwaters of India and festivals of Singapore when thinking of medical tourism and you will start feeling healthy. Many people who come on medical tourism for health and wellness choose the countries where they think they can respond to surgical treatments better.

If you are to undergo knife of a surgeon, what better way to recover than in a natural setting or somewhere in a slow-moving city where you have plenty of time to rest and relax? What you get with treatment is a relaxed body and mind and an unforgettable experience of recuperating in the lap of Mother Nature.

If you’ve made your mind to go abroad for medical treatment, you should note down the checklist of dos to start your preparation for medical tourism.

1# Select your destination and do a background check for natural and manmade calamities, civil unrest, political instability and adverse weather conditions or any other condition that could obstruct smooth recuperation.

2# Select your hospital and your surgeon. Also, get a quick and accurate price quote for the treatment.

3# Look for payment options including insurance to save money on treatment.

4# Talk to your surgeon regarding treatment and discuss risk factors. Also, plan your recuperation in advance and keep a budget for the recovery period. Make a list of places you can visit while recuperating from surgery.

5# Check legal formalities and look for legal complications you might face during the course of your treatment.

6# Decide a suitable date and time for the treatment.

7# Hire a medical translator if you are unfamiliar with the native language of your medical travel country.

8# Book your flight tickets and hotel.

9# Keep all your previous prescriptions and medical test reports before leaving for medical tourism.

10# Follow the instructions provided by your surgeon for a safe journey and to remain in good health for the treatment.


Medical tourism has many direct and indirect benefits but its success depends on the checklist. You shouldn’t go on medical tourism just to save money but to make most of your medical time and get quality healthcare while traveling to your favorite destination.

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