Trails Carolina’s Alumni Support Series Developing Attention

Lake Toxaway, North Carolina, United States – 07-25-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

Trails Carolina launched a parent alumni support series for the first time this year in 2022. After having two successful days already in the books, the therapeutic school and program look forward to the other two events in August and November. 

Each event continues to develop attention positively to connect alumni and their families in a slightly different manner than in the past.

The first two dates for the series occurred on March 2nd and May 4th. The March 2nd class was titled “Tips to Finish the School Year Strong.” Two months later, the “Keeping Engaged During the Summer” prepped everyone for the most challenging part of the year.

In the middle of summer, the final two classes have themes related to the time of year. Next is “Creating Healthy Habits Around School” on August 10th. A class covering this topic helps set the tone for the year.

To close out the series, “Presence Over Perception” is currently planned for November 2nd. Dealing with perception is a challenge for not only current students at Trails Carolina but people worldwide. Having a better understanding with the help of this class can be an excellent way for alumni to grow as individuals continually.

Another part of alumni support that’s been around for longer is the bi-monthly call. This is an opportunity for parents to talk with people within the Trails Carolina Wilderness Program community and get support from others who might be going through the same thing. It’s one of the ways the organization shows that they are not losing touch with students post-graduation.

Parents still need support so that they can do as much as possible to foster success at home. Families don’t want to see all the progress made at Trails Carolina go away after returning home, which is why staying connected with alumni is so important.

The team at Trails Carolina encourages alumni families to join the classes. They realize scheduling conflicts might happen, but most families have the chance to fit in at least one or two classes. The plan is to expand on the inaugural year’s success. Director of admissions and outreach Julia Andrick can answer any additional questions before the final dates of the year. 

About Trails Carolina

Trails Carolina is a top-rated wilderness therapy program in Toxaway, North Carolina. They specialize in taking in students looking for the perfect blend of a therapeutic environment and fully accredited academics. After their time at Trails Carolina, students have the chance to return to their home feeling more brilliant, confident, and in control of their well-being.

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