Tips on Renting a Car for Holidays In Crete

Crete is a top-level Mediterranean tourist destination, many tourists are also interested in visiting the small cities and resorts of the island all that is very easy to do if you have a rental car.

If you want to discover the scenic beauty of the island of Crete, the best way will be exploring it by car. In this way, you can discover less crowded tourist routes easily. The authentic beauty of Crete will surprise you! It will be better if you book a rental car in advance to visit the entire island of Crete in full freedom and give you unforgettable holidays! If you book in advance, you will find cheaper rental prices at the car rental agencies. If you have never done a road trip to Crete on your vacation, this post will be very interesting.

The following tips that I have prepared for you will make things much easier for you and will make you lose your fear on your first trip by car in Crete.

What car to choose?

First of all, remember that when you rent a car, it should not be a specific car but a category. When you get to pick it up, they will give you one of the characteristics so look at the type of car, the places it has, in the capacity of your trunk but not in the brand or model. Also, depending on the country you visit, they will give you the regulars of the country.

If you travel in Crete as a couple, the cheapest models may be enough. But, if you go with a group or family, you will have to pay something more and get a bigger vehicle or a minivan. Remember to check that you have air conditioning if you are traveling during the hot season.

Tips before renting a car

It seems silly but takes the driving license! And if you are traveling from outside of Greece, request your international driving license.

To rent a car, it is mandatory to have a credit card. If you don’t have one, including the person who has one, as an additional driver.

Look closely at the car insurance because normally the price includes only the basic (collisions and theft). If there is any problem, with the franchise, they will make you pay dearly. If you take full risk insurance, the real price of your rental is likely to double. Be careful with cheap rentals!

Check the car, accident report, and instruction manual well before leaving the office. Check that the vehicle is well-assessed and check the losses because all-risk insurance does not cover it. Keep safe the shelter. You should take pictures of the car in case there is any problem. You will heal in health.

Ask what gasoline the car uses and how the tank is opened. It may seem silly, but it can be an odyssey in most modern cars.

I recommend you pick up and deliver the car at airports in train stations because availability and schedules are better, but be careful with pick-ups and deliveries at the last or first hour.

Tips after renting a car

Take pictures again before leaving the car. Rubs, touches, a blow in the rearview mirror. You can charge any small damage to your account. If you do not have to defend yourself, the operator will claim it.

Wash the car before delivering it if necessary. Check the trunk, under the seats, the glove compartment if it seems that the car is very dirty.

I hope that these tips for renting a vacation car will be useful to you. If it is your first road trip, now you may overcome your fear.

Source: ArticleCube