Tips for a Relaxing Weekend Away This Spring

Now that the winter season is passing and the nights are getting longer, many of us are thinking about taking short weekend breaks to see us through to the summer season. There are a number of places around the UK that lend themselves to a good stay away, but you need to undertake your own research to understand where the real hidden gems are. If you’re interested in taking a breakaway to somewhere relaxing this Spring, read on to find out more.

The Staycation Value

One of the benefits of the lockdown of 2020 was many of us rediscovered how beautiful and diverse the UK is. There are lots of great places to visit here that offer just as much as anywhere you could find in continental Europe, so you don’t need to worry about spending as much money as you might on a trip abroad for your relaxing trip away. Take a look at some of the places regarded as being undiscovered, and you’ll manage to avoid the crowds and have an altogether more relaxing trip away this Spring.

Out with School Holidays

For those of us who have children, when we can take a trip away is often dictated by the school holidays. If you have more flexibility in that regard, keep an eye on the school holiday dates and boom your weekend away at an off-season period in Spring. You’re likely to find that the cost of going away at this time is lower because there is less demand. Additionally, you can ensure your trip is as relaxing as possible as there won’t be scores of children that might have otherwise been away with families at the same time.

Enjoy a Spa Weekend

Nothing says relaxation more than a spa weekend away. There are a lot of different places across the country you can go to unwind, but The Belfry Hotel in the West Midlands lends itself well to a relaxing spa break. Set in beautiful woodland and countryside, it makes for the ideal destination to feel like you’re getting away from it all, with a range of high-quality treatments to allow you to unwind in style. Treating yourself to a spa weekend is the type of self-love that goes a long way to helping you to de-stress in the long term.  

Try the Great Outdoors

While it’s all well and good to wrap up in a dressing gown and relax with a massage, there’s a lot to be said for enjoying the Great British outdoors as a means of relaxation and unwinding. It’s been well-documented that physical exercise and spending time in the countryside positively affect the condition of your mental health. This can allow you to de-stress and ultimately feel more relaxed. While going on long hikes and walks might not seem relaxing in the first instance, you should consider it something to try for a weekend away, and there are plenty of places you can explore across the UK.

We hope this article has been helpful in showing you the diversity of experiences you can try as part of a relaxing weekend away in the UK. With so much on offer, there really is no end to what you can do this Spring. It’s all too easy to put your head down and get caught up in the minutiae of everyday life without taking the time to initiate some self-love and care. If you go too long without doing this, you can slip into a cycle where you don’t look after yourself and suffer the long-term effects of anxiety and stress. Try some of the ideas we’ve mentioned above to enjoy a relaxing stay away from home this Spring.

Source: ArticleCube