Tingey Injury Law Firm’s Online Tool Helps People Know if a Lawsuit is Worth Pursuing

Las Vegas’ Tingey Injury Law Firm has been helping people get compensation after injury accidents for over 50 years. The firm has created a dynamic internet tool to help accident victims know on demand if their personal injury legal case is viable.

When people are injured at work or in traffic accidents or other settings, they may wonder if they have enough of a legal case to win against the negligent party. Now, they can find out for themselves with a dynamic online tool developed by one of Las Vegas’ oldest and most respected personal injury firms — Tingey Injury Law Firm.

The case analysis tool, designed by Tingey’s accident injury attorneys, comes with no risks or obligations; users will not even be given a call back unless they specifically request it. Users must provide several answers about the nature of their accident, the extent of the injuries and property damage, the degree of fault for each side, and the insured status of both parties. These answers are measured against set criteria for successful legal cases, and the user receives instant feedback about how compelling their legal case would be.

“There are too many situations where people suffer devastating injuries due to the negligence of others without getting the compensation that they deserve,” said firm attorney Dean Tingey. “They may be nervous that they don’t have a case or sheepish about speaking with an attorney. Our new tool removes barriers so that people can know without any cost — or without even having to leave their home — if they have a viable legal case.”

Tingey Injury Law Firm’s legal team consists of traffic accident attorneys, workers compensation attorneys, traumatic brain injury attorneys and other legal specialists. The firm has been serving Las Vegas residents for more than 50 years, helping them recover money for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Don Tingey, the firm’s founder, said that the online tool can help people unravel the intricacies of their case and accurately assess shared fault scenarios.

“People often assume that if they had any fault in the accident, they can’t pursue a case, but that may not be true. Many times, people are eligible for compensation, even if they bore some degree of fault.”

In addition to Tingey’s case analysis tool, they have a dynamic scheduling tool that allows people to set up a free consultation with a Las Vegas accident lawyer at their convenience. The user-friendly tool is a rare feature for law firms. It allows people to go right to the scheduling source and find a time that works best for them, rather than going back and forth with the scheduling department on the phone — another customer service tool that Tingey believes will help people along their path to see justice served.

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About Tingey Injury Law Firm

Tingey Injury Law Firm aims to provide the highest quality legal representation and counsel for those affected by personal injuries in Las Vegas. Cases include auto accident, wrongful death, work injury, personal injury (such as a slip and fall, or trip and fall), or dog bite. Their attorneys maintain a reputation for thoroughness and preparedness that is recognized in the local community.

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