The Pros and Cons of Living In Alexandria, VA

Living in the Washington D.C, Metropolitan area sounds like a very impressive place to be in, and spending your days in some of the most important cities in the USA is definitely a dream place to be in for many people. As part of this metropolis, the city of Alexandria, even though not the most desirable place in the metropolis, this city has its unique features and amenities for which it has a well-deserved spot on our list.

According to the city’s residents, living in Alexandria, VA is a wonderful experience full of excitement and its attractions give this place very positive energy. Take a walk on cobblestone paved streets, through Old Town Alexandria and enjoy the unique architecture of the buildings that take you a step back into the past. The historical place of Alexandria, although sticking to it’s classic elements, is populated with expensive storefront and exclusive dining experiences.

Alexandria is a wonderful place to be in and it is well ranked amongst cities that are desirable to live in, but like any city, there are pros and cons. If you live in Alexandria probably you will find aspects in this article resonating a lot with some of your living experiences. But, if you are new to the city and decide to live here, buy a home with the help of a top real estate agent in Alexandria, but, not before checking out the pros and cons of living in Alexandria in order to get the right idea.

Pro: Everything is within walking distance

It is not easy to put your hand on a property in Old Town Alexandria, but if you do you have everything you need within walking distance. From stores, shops, restaurants, gyms, everything is within your grasp and this makes life so much easier. If you don’t have a car you are fine in Alexandria because all the main areas of interest are close by and you can easily walk to any desired place.

Reason no.1 why people love Old Town Alexandria, it’s because of its walkability. Old Town runs from north to south about 2 miles so you can literally walk the entire town from end to end. Walk to your favorite evening events such as live music at Blackwall Hitch, or touring art galleries at the Torpedo Factory. Walk along the waterfront and enjoy the wonderful view or walk to your favorite restaurants and shops for groceries.

CON: Expensive housing market

If you come to Alexandria to buy property or rent, the prices are going to be quite spicy and don’t expect them to drop anytime soon. Median property value is $537,000 and that makes housing 2.3 times more expensive in Alexandria than the national average. The average rent in Alexandria is about $1,752 and this could be an advantage if you already own property in the area and plan to rent it out for a good price.

Both buying and renting is expensive in Alexandria so be prepared financially and have a solid budget. The marketplace is also competitive since the demand for houses is higher than the amount of property listed for sale. So, you might risk overpaying for some property without careful consideration so be aware. Even so, ownership is probably your best bet if you plan to live in Alexandria, and if you can afford it.

Pro: A rich history

Going back in the past, the Founding Father of America, George Washington called Alexandria home. The city of Alexandria has a rich history and residents are very proud of it. Sited on the Potomac River, Alexandria was a key seaport during colonial times and played a major role during the Civil War.

Old Town Alexandria has been home to many important figures at the time, and here we mention Winston Groom, author of Forrest Gump, as well as the highly appreciated and loved weatherman Willard Scott. Many notable politicians and professional athletes were residents of Alexandria.

Walking through Old Town Alexandria on cobblestone paved streets and admiring the preserved architectural buildings from those times, takes you back in the past for a moment and the people of Alexandria pride in their history and culture.

CON: Potential threat of flooding

Alexandria’s low elevation and its location in the proximity of river Potomac makes it susceptible to flooding. Through the year, during the heavy rain season, quick snow melts and strong winds, properties in Alexandria are threatened with potential tidal, wind-driven or storm surging flooding from the Potomac. Flash flooding from tributaries is also possible and residents need to be aware and prepared for potential threats from the waters.

Residents take extra safety measures to ensure their own safety and for potential property damage, it is advisable to have flood insurance. Heavy rains also cause sewer lines to fill up with water causing the sewer system to approach its carrying capacity and so overflows might occur in some areas.

Pro: Excellent dining experiences

One of the pros of living in Alexandria is the fact that Old Town has plenty of dining options within a short walk. Date night with river views or a casual working lunch, family dinners or gourmet takeout, you have them all in Alexandria. There are plenty of places to eat in Alexandria and here are some of them.

In terms of fine dining, places famous amongst the locals are Bastille, Virtue Feed & Grain, Brabo and Restaurant Eve which is owned by award-nominated chef Cathal Armstrong. For a more casual dining experience, you can grab a meal at Don Taco, Union Street Public House, Hard Times Cafe or Faccia Luna. Take-out includes Bittersweet and Society Fair as good options, and if you still want to stick with some of your favorites and heartier, you can find Five Guys and Chipotle on King Street.

Overall Alexandria has a lot of things to offer for its residents and it is a welcoming city for anyone who is looking for a chill and relaxing lifestyle. Alexandria attracts plenty of tourists during the year and its compact structure and convenience in terms of shop placements and restaurants make it an ideal place to be in.

Source: ArticleCube