The Great Escape: 5 Best Escape Rooms Across the United States

When was the last time you deciphered clues, solved a mystery, and escaped from captivity? If your answer wasn’t recently, then you’ve been missing out!

Throughout the country, a new trend is growing. Escape rooms are now available in dozens of cities. Keep reading to check out our list of the best escape rooms in the nation.

1. Real Escape Game (CA)

Back in 2007, SCRAP entertainment created the first escape room in Japan. The concept was so popular that it spread across the world like wildfire.

Those same creators brought their amazing new escape games to San Francisco. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that their rooms are often voted the number one interactive escape games in America.

On top of the escape rooms, they also hold escape game events.

2. Room Escape Live (CA)

Room Escape Live in Los Angeles holds the title for one of the best room escape games. They offer seven different thrilling storylines involving:

  • Vampires
  • Zombie experiments
  • Finding Tesla’s hidden invention
  • The Zodiac killer
  • The Cold War

As if these games weren’t exciting enough, they’re working on yet another story!

3. One of the Best Escape Rooms: Breakout (GA)

Breakout is located in Atlanta, Georgia. It offers eight different immersive stories for you and your team to solve. From escaping from a kidnapper to tracking one down, these games are sure to pique your interest.

This unique escape room company also offers online escape games on their website. Check out the Breakout City Map to get started on your adventure.

4. Trapology (MA)

Trapology is in Boston, and it’s notorious for being one of the most challenging escape games ever. One reviewer even claims, “expect to feel dumb.”

The great escape game currently offers five immersive storylines. Their games are all recommended for only those aged 18 and over. Those 14-years-old and up can enjoy the game with their parents.

Trapology gained a lot of attention when they paired up with Captain America. Chris Evans and the team set up a pop-up escape game prank that’s gotten viewed over 105 million times.

5. Locked In (AL)

Locked In can be found in Birmingham. USA Today ranked their escape the room game as one of the top five in the nation. Right now, they only offer three stories, but more are on the way.

One benefit of these group puzzles is that they relieve built-up stress. Locked In tries to use these fun challenges as team building exercises. Locked In is a great choice for businesses because they do not use negative themes or scare tactics.

They also advertise to sports teams, youth groups, churches, and students.

Do You Have What it Takes to Escape?

It’s a well-known fact that board games enhance thinking abilities. Imagine how much better real-life immersive escape rooms are for your brain! Are you ready to take those games to the next level?

The unbelievably lucrative business of escape rooms

Individuals are searching for another kind of experience,” says Doc Preuss, a maker for Real Escape Games, which has rooms in San Francisco, New York and, soon, Los Angeles. It is controlled by SCRAP Entertainment Inc., which opened the principal escape-diversion occasion in Japan in 2007. “It’s cerebral, [and] it’s energizing. The manner in which we plan [the diversions, there are these enthusiastic highs. It resembles a thrill ride. It’s compelling.”

Most diversions cost $25 to $30 per individual for a one-hour amusement, and normally enable 10 to 12 players at any given moment. For proprietors, the central expenses are finance and lease, in addition to the one-time cost of structure the room out. A few rooms contain minimal in excess of a table with pens and paper. Others include expand sets and specialized wizardry. For example, The Exit Game in Los Angeles has players exploring a laser room.

SCRAP is known for minimizing expenses, shunning customary promoting costs for natural development and leasing the littlest room conceivable to guarantee tickets sell out. “They believe they have fizzled on the off chance that they are not 100% booked out,” says Dan Egnor, a break amusement devotee and maker of the Escape Room Directory.

Up until this point, the procedure seems, by all accounts, to be satisfying: SCRAP says incomes developed by 800% in its first year in the U.S. — an amazing figure even in light of the present quick development. The organization has been productive and seen income develop each year from that point forward.

SCRAP presently has in excess of 25 rooms crosswise over 12 urban communities in Japan and is opening its second San Francisco area with Escape From . the Jail on Polk Street in August.

Have you visited one of the best escape rooms on this list? Let us know whether the games met your expectations or not. Leave a comment in the box below to give us your thoughts.

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