Taking a South Coast Adventure This Summer

2021 might go down in history as being the year of the staycation. Now that the rules have been somewhat relaxed and we can all enjoy a bit of normality than we have been used to these last months, many of us are desperate to take a holiday so we can have a break from looking at the four same walls we have been subjected to. With summer upon us, you might be a little apprehensive about booking a trip, but today we will discuss why the English South Coast might be the best place you could visit.

European Uncertainty

The main appeal for Brits to take a UK staycation this summer is because there are still large question marks hanging over whether or not it is a good idea to go to somewhere like Spain, France or Portugal this summer. With rules still in the balance about isolating before and after travelling to certain places abroad, many people are opting to stick with good old blighty and take a staycation here in the UK. With so many great places here in the UK, we’ll be spoiled for choice when booking a location to visit.

The Weather Question

We don’t need to labour the point too heavily here, but we all know how unpredictable and miserable the UK weather can be. While we can’t guarantee uninterrupted sunshine and high temperatures every summer, some parts of the country are more likely to get better weather than others. The South of England has many top holiday destinations that you should consider if you want the best chance of good weather. With such a diversity of places to see and visit, you can have any type of holiday you want in this beautiful part of the country.

Classic Seaside Holidays

When you think of the Victorian view of a British seaside holiday, a few things spring to mind. Fish and chips, deck chairs, pleasure piers, and length beaches all make up the common national view of a British trip to the coast. There are a few different towns along the South coast that still appeal to this traditional type of holiday. Brighton is perhaps the most enduring example, but you can also seek it out in places like Bournemouth, Eastbourne, and Torquay. That holiday of the past is still just as enjoyable, and you can find it all along the so-called English Riviera.

Adventure is Available Too

Some of us like to take a holiday to top up our tan on the beach, while others prefer to lounge by the pool. Then there is the category of us who like to get out and enjoy activities with our time off. The South Coast and Cornwall don’t disappoint on this front, and those of us who want to get the blood pumping will be keen to investigate some of the cycling and walking routes that can be enjoyed in this part of the country. The countryside in Devon and Dorset is stunning and the perfect place to explore as part of your trip.

Underrated Towns and Villages

While we have touched upon some of the classic seaside resort towns in the South of England, the real ace in the sleeve of this part of the country are the lesser-known places. All along the length of the region, towns and villages punctuate the coast, each with their own history and individual character that develops as you head from Folkstone to Falmouth. Eastleigh has a reputation for great accommodation and gives you good access to both the Dorset countryside and nearby Southampton that also has plenty to see and do.

We hope this article has helped to inspire you to book your next holiday to the South of England this summer. There’s something here for everyone, especially at a time when we all very much feel like we need a holiday!

Source: ArticleCube