Sue Conlin Praises Sholom Assisted Living Facility for Competence and Heart in Caring for Sister

Saint Louis Park, Minnesota –

Sholom, an assisted living facility in St Louis Park, Minnesota, has received a glowing testimonial from Sue Conlin, whose sister Mary spent several months at Sholom before she died earlier this year at the age of 73. In fact, Sue was so impressed with the care her sister, Mary, received at Sholom West that she got up at 4:30 in the morning to drive two hours to share her gratitude with the leadership team. Sholom offers many services for seniors, including their assisted living facility and other care related services, and their assisted living campuses are peaceful Jewish environments where all are welcome.

Sue Conlin is a retired nurse who has worked in nursing facilities, hospice, and home care, so she knew what to look for when selecting an assisted living facility for her sister Mary. Sholom exceeded even her most optimistic expectations when caring for Mary, who had Crohn’s disease, and spent several months at Sholom before she died earlier this year at the age of 73. Like many people, Mary had wanted to remain at home, but she required care around the clock and was terrified of having a caregiver call in sick, leaving her alone. She couldn’t cope with this stress and was grateful to have found Sholom. “She was no longer afraid,” said Sue.

“I was so impressed with the care Mary received,” Sue said. “This place is superb. It is a combination of creative competence and heart from top to bottom.” Sue was particularly impressed with the staff’s ability to keep family members informed of Mary’s care. “I always felt a part of the care team,” she said. “A therapist called me with every change in protocol. I spoke with the dietitian and the phenomenal nursing staff often. They asked for ideas on how to motivate Mary. A family member was invited to every care conference. That’s huge.”

“Staff members at Sholom were very proactive,” said Sue. “I never felt like I had to be on top of anyone to keep my sister safe.” Nicole Thomas, one of the nursing assistants, was one of Mary’s favorites. Any day that Nicole was working, Mary would say it was a good day. Nicole would even stop in to see Mary when she had a few extra minutes. “Who does that?” Sue asked.

Sue also was impressed with the proactive attention to detail by Isaiah Nyamburi, LPN. “Whenever our family visited, he thought to switch Mary’s oxygen compressor over to the tanks to cut down on noise in the room,” Sue remembered. “And when we planned a prayer gathering at Mary’s bedside, I arrived to find he had tidied up the room and arranged chairs in a circle for us.”

It wasn’t just the medical team that impressed Sue. “Bobbie Jo Lytle, front desk receptionist, saw me through this time,” Sue said. “It was difficult to visit my sister who was enduring a difficult and slow death, but Bobbie Jo always had time for a compassionate conversation with me on the way out. That wasn’t her job, but she made it her job. She held me together more than anyone else.”

Sue also wanted to credit Fahti Duqow, Ian Miller, and Edwina Wilson for their incredibly competent care and emotional support. “They recognized that their job extended beyond my sister to me,” she said.

“Because the level of care is so superb throughout the organization,” she said, “I can only conclude that it starts at the top and filters through all levels of staffing. I’m so glad we brought Mary here, and I’m so grateful for the competent care with heart that she received.” Finding a great assisted living facility like Sholom can go a long way to reducing the already intense burden on families during a loved one’s time of need.

Sholom’s West Campus is located at 3620 Phillips Pkwy, St Louis Park, MN 55426.


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