Souls in Love, a new poetry book by Sam Yau and Sophie Rouméas, is timely for modern lovers on Valentine Day

Souls in Love, a new poetry book by Sam Yau and Sophie Rouméas, is timely for modern lovers on Valentine Day

“Souls in Love,” a poetry collection co-written by contemporary poet Sam Yau and therapist and writer Sophie Rouméas, explores the many dimensions of love through 42 poems. The book reflects on themes such as kindred spirit, the alchemy of love, personal growth within relationships, healing, and the connection between love and art.

Sam Yau, a contemporary poet with a unique and highly relatable poetic style, has joined forces with therapist and writer Sophie Rouméas from France to release their latest book, Souls in Love. The book consists of six sections that explore different aspects of love, starting from the bond between kindred spirits and moving on to the inner workings of love and its effects on personal growth and healing.

“Souls in Love illuminates intimacy as the essence and the deepest longing of romantic love,” says Sam Yau.  “Through the poetic verses, Souls in Love reveals a framework for navigating love relationships and sustaining the glow of love and passion.  Rooted in a deep commitment and soul connection, the book points the way to a joyful union of a couple at all levels – soul, mind, heart, and body. Our poems explore the alchemy between two lovers that keeps the flame blazing.”

“Because we naturally represent the new stereotype of a loving relationship, it was a conscious decision for us to start writing poetry together,” says Sophie Roumeas. “We envisioned Souls in Love as a special mission and joy to share a similar passion for poetic expression and voice the soul’s consciousness. We want to share with the readers that poetry is an accessible art form that can be a source of creativity and inspiration in everyday life.”

The authors wrote the book while traveling around France, visiting the places where artists, intellectuals, and thinkers once gathered. During their journey, they were inspired by the spirit of Vincent Van Gogh in Saint Remy de Provence. “We meditated in a field near the mausolea where Vincent Van Gogh once lived, and it was an unforgettable experience,” says Rouméas. “Sam wrote a beautiful, moving poem about our encounter with the place, which has become one of my favorites.”

“We come from a place of kindred spirits and value the spiritual experience of the soul’s journey,” says Rouméas. “We trust that guidance, intuition, faith, and intention would lead us to write on the right topics about love, intimacy, and commitment.”

The book Souls in Love is timely for modern lovers, as the pandemic has forced people to re-evaluate their priorities in relationships and has led to a greater focus on emotional maturity and communication. Research shows that the pandemic has strengthened marriages, and most singles are now looking for a long-term committed relationship, and are open to start a long-distance love story.

With the recent changes in attitudes and perceptions towards love and relationships brought about by the pandemic, the authors aim to get back to the essence of love in their book, based on principles of equality and reciprocity while preserving the individuality of each partner.

The authors have drawn from their personal life journeys in this book. Their love story has been transforming their differences into human richness and soul exploration. Each poem is accompanied by illustrations to further convey the essence of their expression. Sam and Sophie believe that poetry is not an elitist art, but rather a way to share thoughts, emotions, reflections, and creations with the world.

Souls in Love is available on Amazon and on the websites of the two authors. The French version of the book will be launched later in 2023.

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