Presenting 7 Techniques to Heal Holistically in 2023

In line with this year’s energies of 7, here are 7 opportunities to make the most of this year for healing and self-development – 7 healing masterclasses from The Mystic Lotus and Dragonflies using different healing techniques.

The New Year 2023 has been welcomed with spiritual energies thanks to its number 7 (2+0+2+3). In line with this number, here are 7 opportunities to make the most of this year for healing and self-development – 7 healing masterclasses from The Mystic Lotus and Dragonflies using different techniques.

The 7 of 2023 holds the energy of spirituality, intuition, deep research, mysticism, healing, occult sciences on a broad level.

This year, people would feel inclined towards spirituality, understanding their religious beliefs, visiting holy places, turning towards yoga & meditation, occult sciences, focusing on individual self & healing which makes 2023 one of the best years to Heal holistically. In fact, it’s been just a few days into 2023 & already there have been so many reports of celebrities visiting spiritual places, temples, ashrams & the like.

It is a known fact that humans are psychosomatic beings and what goes on in the mind, affects the body and vice versa. So, thoughts and emotions influence one’s health too. What one may think to be the cause is sometimes not and the real problem can be something deeper, perhaps coming from a childhood memory or even past lives. And with Holistic healing, the healing takes place from the root, the main cause of the pain and problems when healed, opens the door for magic to begin.

With so many healing modalities in the world, India’s top healing platform, The Mystic Lotus and Dragonflies, presents 7 techniques to help everybody heal holistically.

1)Bach Flower Remedies:

One of the easiest & simplest healing methodologies to heal emotions. Founder, Dr Edward Bach, believed that the root cause of all diseases is an imbalance in emotions which led him to identify 38 emotional states &, he gave the world 38 remedies to restore balance in emotions.

With the principles of vibrations & energy, it works on the principle that certain emotions have a lower frequency & when a particular bach flower is used as a remedy to heal a certain emotion, it works on raising vibrations to a higher frequency, thus healing emotions.

Bach flower remedies are know to help in healing fears, anxieties, traumas & regrets to even anger, depression, insecurity & loneliness.

2)Tarot + Charm Casting:

Many people are familiar with Tarot Cards; Charms add an additional layer of information & guidance for a particular situation bringing an individual the best possible solution.

3)Multiplying Mind Power for All Areas of Life:

At 12-14 years of age, children slowly begin to predominantly make use of the brain’s left hemisphere, which is dominated by logic, leaving behind the creative; the right hemisphere. This can be due to various factors like upbringing, education system, etc. However, when an individual begins to make use of both sides of the brain, it boosts the Mind Power exponentially bringing in phenomenal success in every area of life.

By understanding the power of the mind, one can Understand how one can Boost 10 times the power of Affirmations, Naturally Think Optimistic, Get rid of addictions, develop intuition, attract more money, success & much more.

4)Inner Child Healing:

Inner child healing helps people address the needs that were not met as a child, be it love, appreciation or affection. It helps one to explore ourselves, going within, understanding the true feelings, the emotions that could have been rejected or not understood by others which one may have kept hidden due to fear of being hurt.

By releasing all lower energies, thoughts, vows, dark energies, guilt, sorrow, suppressed anger, anxiety, stress, feelings of self- destruction, unworthiness, degenerating & suicidal thoughts; an individual can achieve various benefits like clarity in career, intuitive mindset, health benefits & much more.

5)New Ways to Manifest Miracles:

From entering the depths of the Subconscious mind to redesigning beliefs from the subconscious & breaking the patterns to create the desired outcome, there is one way which can help one understand the How of it all.

Right from clearing money blocks to getting raises & manifest shifting abroad, achieving good health, positive relationships & much more can be manifested with a unique blend of healing techniques like EFT, Hypnosis & Visualisation, NLP and more.

6)Akashic Records:

Akashic records can be understood as an immense photographic film which registers all desires, wishes & experiences of a soul on Earth. And, it includes everything, right from each human being’s life experiences of each lifetime to the karmas performed since the beginning of time & space. The records are in a vibrational form & give an insight into the cause of present life events, deep fears, unconscious limitations & many more issues which may not have a specific reason. Understanding these can help people resolve current life challenges.

7)Maha Kali Goddess Reading & Healing:

Experience the healing technique that can help cleanse & protect Energies & also help an individual find the right path in life with Maha Kali Energies.

Working on the principle of energy & energy healing, It can help people in almost everything, right from mending relationships, manifesting money to even balancing the masculine & feminine energies in the body & much more; this healing modality can bring in Magic.

All those who are intrigued to know more about these Modalities and how to Heal better, here’s a chance to explore these in depth with some of the best experts across India in a series of Masterclasses at no charge. Click the link to sign up at no charge:

( The calls are in January 2023. Sign up once for all calls and replays)

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