Palmetto Releases “Clean Energy Operating Platform” Encouraging Consumer Brands To Step Into The Renewable Energy Sector

SEATTLE, WA / ACCESSWIRE / July 27, 2022 / In the rapidly growing solar industry, there are currently 13,299 active solar panel installation companies in the U.S. While this surge of new companies drives competitive pricing & innovation, it has also made it difficult for many US consumers to gauge expectations for the process of going solar. Founded in February 2010, Palmetto has officially released their Clean Energy Operating Platform in an effort to encourage consumer and enterprise brands to expand into the clean energy sector. Palmetto feels that the advent of large brands to the Solar Energy Industry will assist in establishing higher standards of service and transparency industrywide. Over their 12+ years in business, the company has developed and continuously improved their energy intelligence data platform, local market processes, standard operating procedures, monitoring software and client relations practices to create a robust & comprehensive platform that supports seamless third party integration and has generated a consistently positive experience for their customers, which is reflected in their online reviews and reported 75+ NPS score. Palmetto’s Clean Energy Operating Platform was developed to help companies to overcome significant barriers to entry when breaking into the residential renewable energy space by plugging into Palmetto’s co-branded sales systems & fulfillment processes.

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As seen in recent news, here in the U..S, stories of “fly by night” solar contractors Misleading Property Owners and Improperly Installing Solar Systems have become all quite common. In many of these cases, homeowners find themselves out of the loop with very little or unclear communication.. Palmetto is helping to solve this problem for U.S. property owners through their platform where they experience a higher level of professionalism and transparency when converting to renewable energy. From the initial quote(s) to a fully functional renewable energy system, property owners interested in converting to solar energy through Palmetto are given access to the company’s digital platform, through which they can learn more about the technology & installation process, obtain quotes online, adjust system variables that affect energy production & price, schedule in-home consultations, compare lending options, and track the project from start to finish with live updates all in one place. To help new brands commercialize their own clean energy offerings, Palmetto has condensed this customer focused digital platform into a co-branded digital sales experience that companies can easily integrate with their existing website(s) allowing them to internally offer the same transparent and educational online experience.

“Energy is important to everyone. Yet, most consumers are not equipped to understand and control how they use energy, where it comes from, what options they have, and how it all relates to their lifestyle, their budget, and the environment. Our platform is helping enterprise partners to make it simple, accessible and affordable for their customers to make the switch to clean energy.” says Palmetto’s Founder & CEO, Chris Kemper.

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For Palmetto’s customers, their relationship with their solar provider doesn’t end after installation. The company continues to work with their customers throughout the life of their solar system. To maintain open lines of communication and ensure long term customer satisfaction, the company launched a new warranty, maintenance and monitoring offering called Palmetto Protect. After Palmetto installs a solar system, they wirelessly connect it to their virtual energy intelligence software to proactively monitor the system 24 hours a day to measure energy production, to detect potential malfunctions and alert their team to devise solutions. If a malfunction is detected, Palmetto can inform the customer, investigate the problem and dispatch maintenance crews if necessary, to repair the system.

The company maintains vendor relations with its vast fulfillment network of over 250 solar installers across the United States allowing them to cover a service area that overlaps more than 125 utility providers. Licensed solar installers interested in becoming a vendor for Palmetto are vetted and trained for compliance with the company’s high standards of quality and professionalism to ensure that each customer enjoys a consistently positive experience. To offer solar energy solutions to their diverse customer base over such an expansive service area, Palmetto works with more than a dozen lending partners and currently offers more than 200 lending products through their platform.

About Palmetto: Palmetto is an environmentally focused and innovative clean energy company. Through cutting edge tech development and their installation network, the company helps American property owners take advantage of the benefits of solar energy and helps American businesses’ confidentiality step into the clean energy sector. Founded in 2010 by Chris Kemper, Palmetto aims to accelerate the mainstream adoption of solar energy by U.S. consumers. Companies looking to learn more about the Clean Energy Operating Platform, vendors interested in partnering with palmetto, and homeowners interested in powering their home with clean energy can reach the company via email at [email protected], online at or by phone at (855) 339-1831.

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