ONBD X SuperRare: A Safe Space Tackles Web3 Burnout

New York, NY, United States – 07-23-2022 (PR Distribution™) –

A pioneering digital art incubator, ONBD has recently launched their SPACE on SuperRare, the industry-leading curated NFT art platform. This digital gallery will be dedicated to exploring the deep integration of fine art and digital technology, showcasing artworks by a diverse group of artists from both the traditional and Web 3 art worlds.

“We believe that blockchain technology can be revolutionary for the fine art space. It enables true ownership of digital assets. Meanwhile, Web 3 communities bring both collaboration and interaction to the art experience.” says Daniel Chen, ONBD’s co-founder, and the director of Chambers Fine Art Gallery.

The Burnout Society
The inaugural exhibition The Burnout Society on ONBD x SuperRare launched on June 16th, 2022, featuring artists Kyle Gordon, Tomoro Kinoshita, Riniifish, Ceren Su, Siyuan Tan, and Thisisarobot. Inspired by the German-Korean philosopher Byung Chul Han’s book “The Burnout Society,” the exhibition focuses on the messiness, frustration, anxiety, loneliness, and other negativity that has come as a result of society being engulfed by digital technology during the last few years of rotating lockdowns across the globe. The pandemic changed how people communicate with each other. In Web 3 this phenomenon was greatly magnified as so many became enthralled with the ever-changing, exhilaratingly fast-paced evolution of space.

The group of artists in the exhibition includes crypto art natives as well as traditional artists who are relatively new to NFTs. Although each has their own distinct artistic style, there is a common visual palette that emerges as they deal with this particular subject. It is impressive that each artist delves into the issues surrounding mental health in a personal manner; expressing their vulnerability in this way is something that shows significant strength and courage.

“Working as a creator and being able to produce my own artwork is a blessing, but there are also immense pressures on myself and other creators to constantly be engaging with followers, releasing new content, driving hype/value, and hustling. There is little room to breathe and take breaks in a 24/7 and highly competitive environment,” says Kyle Gordon. “While being ‘plugged-in’ can be beautiful, meaningful, and teach us so much, it’s equally important to disconnect and strive for balance.”

ONBD: a safe space for dreamers and visionaries
Undoubtedly, NFTs have already become a new medium for art that empowers art with utility and allows creators to engage in a meaningful way with their audience. If utilized well, NFTs can help build and reward communities, and even affect real social change. ONBD believes that CryptoArt will remain a vital component of the NFT space. Artists will not only act as the builders, the architects, and the designers of the Metaverse but also as the dreamers and the visionaries who will continue to push the boundaries of what the space can become.

In the process of all this building, ONBD aims to provide a safe space where people can express themselves as they wish and support one another. Our programs and projects focus on underrepresented artist communities, and in addition to this, we will work to highlight specific social causes.

Rather than try and replicate the traditional art world in a digital format, ONBD is excited to create a more inclusive, global landscape within this new paradigm for how art is created, collected, and experienced. In the future, ONBD will open up online and offline space resources to bring creators and collectors a comprehensive exhibition experience, with IRL openings, gatherings, artist lectures, and other events.

Our Medium newsletter will become an aggregate for writers and curators who provide thoughtful news, commentary, and critique of NFT artwork, artists, and projects in the space. We plan to grow this in a DAO-like format, with writers and creators able to self-publish and members able to vote on various aspects of the content. This commitment to a shared experience will strengthen and create value for the NFT community as a whole.

Above all, ONBD is committed to creating a safe space for creativity and discourse in Web3. We know that we are not alone in this mission, and we’re encouraged to see our community continue to grow. As always, please feel free to reach out to us directly at [email protected] with any questions, suggestions, or otherwise.

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July 2022

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