Netify, an Online Cyber Security Marketplace, Announces a 60% Increase in Vendors for FY22

NORWICH, UK / ACCESSWIRE / July 25, 2022 / Online security marketplace, Netify, announces it has increased its cybersecurity vendors by 60 percent, driven by increased demand for network and end-user security.

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Netify launches its SD WAN/Cybersecurity assessment tool for a more tailored results page.

The announcement of a huge increase in vendors has been driven by demand for cyber security solutions from overseas, in particular the US and UK.

Netify now offers 107 cybersecurity and SD WAN providers with aspirations to list an additional 200 vendors in the near future. The cybersecurity marketplace has actively expanded its roster of SASE/SSE Cybersecurity and SD WAN vendors as many businesses continue to work remotely in a hybrid model.

The company has also launched a new “compare the market” assessment forSD WAN comparison andSASE/SSE Cybersecurity comparison. The new site functionality reflects the increased global demand for vendor and provider research to enable faster IT decision making. The demand is driven by the need for IT decision makers to fully understand the crowded security and SD WAN market with many solutions offering broadly similar capability.

The average business invests about 6% to 14% of its annual IT budget on cybersecurity,” says Robert Sturt, founder and managing director of Netify. “For a large enterprise, that means allocating $20 million to $50 million of the annual budget to cloud security. This isn’t surprising, considering almost half of businesses are streamlining their cloud migration plans to adapt to the current global movement toward digital and cloud spaces.

Netify is positive that this number will continue to grow as both enterprises and suppliers see the value of a dedicated marketplace. “We expect Netify to continue expanding our supply side to over 200 listings as more UK, the US and North American companies benefit from our platform when researching and comparing SASE Cybersecurity/SD WAN.

Netify is designed to be a self-serve platform, with listings made accessible and available for everyone to utilize. To further help companies choose the best-suited cybersecurity providers, the platform has recently added a tool that can shortlist the SASE and SD WAN solutions best suited to an enterprise’s needs. It also has an advisory consultancy to help decision-makers make sense of the research data.

About Netify

Netify is an onlineSD WAN and SASE Cybersecurity marketplace that combines marketplace comparison technology with the expertise of advisory agents. The marketplace is designed to help IT decision makers of large enterprises and businesses find the right providers for their needs. Netify is part of The Network Union and has served as a resource centre for companies like Permira, British Legion, CDC, Tilney Best Invest and Medivet.


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