MedicalMine Inc., the Host of, Announces the Formation of the CharmHealth + Bioverge Digital Transformation Fund announces the formation of the CharmHealth + Bioverge Digital Transformation Fund, a digital health technology-focused venture fund to invest in promising early-stage digital health companies at the forefront of healthcare innovation.

PLEASANTON, Calif. – July 27, 2022 – (

CharmHealth, through CharmHealth + Bioverge Digital Transformation Fund, will invest in promising early-stage companies in the Digital Health domain that aspire to innovate and provide novel solutions that will transform healthcare in meaningful ways. CharmHealth will work with tech entrepreneurs, scientists, and healthcare innovators who have strong domain expertise and a deep emotional connection and drive to change the status quo. The Fund will be managed in partnership with Bioverge, a leading Silicon Valley venture firm and investment platform specializing in emerging healthcare technology.

Healthcare is undergoing a Digital Revolution. The integration of digital technologies is rapidly changing how patients engage with the healthcare system. Today one can envision immediate access to quality care, access to new treatment options, and personalized medicine through advances in health tech. Patients and providers can aspire to lower overall costs, improve health outcomes, and increase quality and access. This digital transformation also benefits healthcare providers, hospital systems, and pharma companies. It enables them to provide drugs and treatment options faster, engage with patients more regularly, collaborate on clinical studies, remotely track patient progress, obtain timely, actionable insights for personalized medicine, streamline operations, and lower costs with an overall goal of improving the quality and standard of patient care.

CharmHealth is uniquely positioned as an established digital health tech company with an extensive ecosystem – a large healthcare provider base and patients – to leverage its resources to be a catalyst in this Digital Health revolution. Several unique healthcare innovations and delivery models using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and medical devices have been launched on the CharmHealth platform over the past few years. This inspired CharmHealth to create an early-stage venture fund dedicated to rapidly bringing these novel applications and innovative ideas to market.

“A wide gap exists in the digital healthcare investment space, whereby the validation of innovative ideas is often too far removed from the input of actual end users. CharmHealth+Bioverge Digital Transformation fund is pioneering a new way to bridge this gap. By leveraging the CharmHealth platform, entrepreneurs with novel digital healthcare technologies can seamlessly connect to a large network of providers, patients, and caregivers for accelerated validation, refinement, and de-risking. In the context of healthcare, this can mean a shortened time for a cure to a life-threatening disease or novel treatment for a chronic condition,” says Venky Chellappa, Managing Partner CharmHealth + Bioverge Fund and VP Sales and Business Dev, MedicalMine Inc. 

“The future of healthcare depends on innovative technological solutions and new business models of care, now more than ever. With the CharmHealth + Bioverge Digital Transformation Fund, MedicalMine Inc. is pairing Bioverge’s expertise in sourcing and investing in the next-generation healthcare startups with CharmHealth’s extensive and growing network, technical support, and marketplace of digital tools. As a prime example of this synergy, CharmHealth has partnered with, winner of the 2021 CharmHealth Innovation Challenge, to integrate their conversational AI tool as part of CharmHealth’s marketplace solution. Deepscribe has since gone on to raise a $30M round led by marquee VC firms,” says Pramila Srinivasan, Managing Partner CharmHealth + Bioverge Digital Transformation Fund, CEO and Founder, MedicalMine Inc. 

“Bioverge is thrilled to be joining forces with CharmHealth and uniting our complementary ecosystems,” adds Rick Gibb, Managing Partner CharmHealth + Bioverge Digital Transformation Fund, COO and Co-Founder, Bioverge Inc. “Together, we will be able to both serve the next generation of healthcare entrepreneurs as well as enable individual investors to participate in and help accelerate healthcare’s digital transformation.”  

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MedicalMine Inc., the Host of, Announces the Formation of the CharmHealth + Bioverge Digital Transformation Fund

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