Kayo Speciality Products Are Now Part of the Hemp Doctor Family

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The Hemp Doctor is proud to announce a new and extensive product lineup, adequately named Kayo (pronounced K-O), that offers the very best the cannabis industry has to offer. Kayo is a line of high-potency, high-quality vapes and edibles available in various cannabinoids and hemp-derived ingredients. 

The Hemp Doctor customers can now enjoy vapes available in D8/D9/HHC/HHCP/Live Rosin 2 gram cart and 3 gram disposables. The newest Kayo vapes and disposables line offers HHC in two formats: disposables and carts. Customers can choose a refillable vape with the premium preloaded HHC cart or benefit from the convenience of disposables. Customers can choose between various hemp strains, each bringing a flavorful and enjoyable experience in each puff. 

Kayo vape products are easy to use and fit right in the palm of the hand. These vapes are unique because all of their ingredients, whether D8, D9, HHC, or HHCP, are extracted from the hemp plant – the famous parent plant to CBD that took the wellness industry by storm. While hemp derivatives are now widely accessible on today’s market, HHC, HHCP, D9, and D8 are the newest and most innovative hemp products that require cutting-edge technology not many can offer; thus, the options are limited. Kayo is unique because it combines the latest and most innovative cannabinoids sourced from premium, U.S.-grown hemp.  

The excitement doesn’t end there. Kayo gummies are a revolutionary product that offers a unique blend of cannabinoids and a fun, flavorful, enjoyable experience. Kayo gummies will surely be a good surprise to the taste buds and endocannabinoid receptors. They offer the most convenient consumption and smoke-free experience. 

See the full lineup of Kayo products from The Hemp Doctor below:

Experience a potent blast of premium distillates available in a disposable vape, putting the greatness of a wide range of cannabinoids in the palm of the hand. The “Entourage Effect” awaits Hemp Doctor customers, with two different options that include THC derivatives or HHC stand-alone carts.

Experience these extraordinary HHC disposable vapes. 800 puffs of pure and delicious HHC with The Hemp Doctor’s latest Kayo 3g HHC Disposable Vapes. Just toss them when done. Enjoy incredibly easy-to-use HHC, perfect for those who want to enjoy a light activity or wish to avoid the heavy effects of traditional THC. 

Explore a number of different blended cannabinoid options with Kayo 2g Vape Cartridges. Distillates, including Delta 8, Delta 9, and HHC, have never been more accessible with these premium Kayo disposable vape cartridges.

Nothing tastes better than The Hemp Doctor’s new Kayo THC Blend Gummies. Enjoy the tremendous feelings of THC in a delicious cherry-lime THC blend, perfect for unwinding after a long day or getting loose out on the town. These are the cannabis edibles suitable for those who simply love getting lost in the edible experience.

Feel the HHC difference and enjoy some of the most delicious HHC-infused gummies on the market. The Hemp Doctor’s latest HHC edibles offer a sense of euphoria that remains far less overwhelming than traditional cannabis products. Gentle and delightful, HHC edibles experiences are heavenly.

About The Hemp Doctor

The Hemp Doctor is America’s premiere destination for high-quality cannabis and hemp-derived products. The Hemp Doctor is committed to providing the absolute best in hemp and cannabis through an incredible array of consumption methods, premium cannabinoids, and the best formulas. 

Every cannabinoid offered at the Hemp Doctor starts as a premium phytocannabinoid-rich hemp seed growing in the nutrient-rich soils of Colorado and North Carolina using only 100% organic practices. The Hemp Doctor oversees every production stage until the end. The Hemp Doctor’s innovative products are quality-guaranteed by certificates of analysis and potency reports, available for customers online. All these make The Hemp Doctor far ahead of the competition.

The Hemp Doctor’s unique and innovative lineup provides the best the industry has to offer, with a selection suitable for newcomers and experienced cannabis users alike.

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Kayo Speciality Products Are Now Part of the Hemp Doctor Family

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