Is It Your Turn to Host the Seder At Your Place?

Hosting a Seder at your place is a tedious job. You have to cook food with dietary restrictions. At the same time, you have to satisfy the pallets of your guests. Your Seder guests may compare your food taste with the beloved Grandma Becky’s matzoh balls. If it is your turn to host the Seder, you might be afraid. Well, relax and calm down! You have to do some planning and streamline the entire process. You can also serve a delicious meal on Seder night. If you want to take your family to a beautiful destination on Seder night, you should check out Passover programs and customize them according to your needs.

Traditional items have an amazing taste. But, you do not need to stick to the same old version items. 

Passover is a festival of freedom from slavery. Therefore, you should not remain the slave of an old tradition. You can do a makeover to old dishes and make them new and more delicious. I like Dubai Kosher Travel especially because of their jewish food cuisine.

Originally, Passover is a traditional agricultural festival and it was celebrated to welcome the spring season. If you are hosting Seder, you should consider adding a green salad or cooked vegetable salad. It will be a perfect welcome dish for your guests.   

The best courses of Passover will not require last-minute preparation. The main courses of Pesach will remain moist for a long time, even if pre-dinner service takes too much time. It is one of the main reasons for the high popularity of brisket and breast meat.

Usually, slow-cooked items attract you with an intoxicating aroma. But, these slow-cooked items often lack zing when you eat them. You will have a flat taste and there will be no exciting top notes left behind after long cooking. The best solution to this problem is to stir in something fresh so that your guests can feel the burst of flavor. Therefore, top-chefs in luxurious resorts layer the dishes with fresh herbs and spices. Adding something fresh will enhance the flavor of your dish. For instance, if you have added ginger to your dish during the preparation time, you should add freshly grated ginger before warming and serving your dish. It will give a blast of flavors to your guest.

If you have prepared brisket or chicken thighs with artichokes, you should consider adding fresh garlic and herb gremolata.  There is one more good option i.e. Moroccan-style slow-cooked tagine. You should prepare this dish in advance and add fresh lemon juice, zest, and parsley during the time of reheating.

You should balance your rich food items with a simple vegetable salad. You should garnish roasted asparagus with bread crumbs. It is not necessary to add matzah to all Passover meals. You can please your guests with roasted potatoes garnished with fresh thyme.

Kids in the Passover Seder will feel so excited with small-size potion meals. Prepare small size meatballs for your kids. You can use the same mixture that you are using for adults to prepare small meatballs. . You should purchase small size muffin tins to bake kugels for kids.

If you want to keep your Seder vegan, then you can consider a dairy feast. You do not need to add meat. You can prepare cheese-filled kugels and egg Sephardi fritadas. Also, you can prepare buttery desserts garnished with Whipped cream. There are various other options of meals and desserts to host dairy Seder. You can prepare flour-free mousses, rich chocolate cakes, and many more. These desserts will definitely please young guests in your Seder.

If you want to keep your Seder totally vegan, you can use boiled potatoes and dip them in salted water instead of eggs. You should have stuffed-vegetables recipes and add textual contracts such as Zucchini or cabbage filled with potatoes.

Have you ever tried a dairy-free pizza? Prepare a crust of broiled sliced eggplant. After that, start topping it with roasted tomatoes. Use garlic and fresh basil for seasoning.

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