IMHO Reviews Mindvalley Top Courses To Transform Six Areas Of Life At Discounted Price

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Mindvalley, an online learning platform known for its transformational courses, has released several new Quests this year. IMHO Reviews shares their list of top courses in each of six categories – relationships, mind, soul, body, career, and entrepreneurship.

Best Mindvalley Courses IMHO Reviews

“Mindvalley has over 60 programs at the moment, and they add several new ones every few months. Each Quest normally costs $299-399. However, with a Mindvalley Membership students get unlimited access to all programs for $499 a year which is a great deal considering the high quality of courses. There is also a great discount on monthly and annual membership that we share in the article,” said the owner of IMHO Reviews regarding Mindvalley, Vitaliy Lano.

The Superbrain Quest, which falls under the Mind category, is the first course on the list. It is a 30-day coaching program created by a famous accelerated learning coach Jim Kwik. This Quest includes daily 15-20 minutes lessons, where students learn Jim’s signature techniques and tools for supercharging learning capacity, memory, and focus.

The Duality, the Soul Quest taught by energy healer Jeffrey Allen, is the next course discussed in the article. It is an 8-week online program that teaches how to master a personal energetic system. This Quest consists of a mindfully designed curriculum of guided meditations and exercises, the goal of which is to awaken energetic abilities.

The third course the article talks about – and that is part of the Body category – is The Longevity Blueprint. The author of this Quest is Ben Greenfield, who is named one of the world’s top 100 most influential people in health and fitness. The Longevity Blueprint is a 7-week program that focuses on enhancing overall wellness – and as a reward gaining a body that feels and looks great, and works at its full potential.

The Quest for Personal Mastery by Dr.Sri Kumar Rao within the Entrepreneurship category is the fourth course on the IMHO Reviews list. The goal of this online program that lasts 45 days is to awaken each student’s fullest capacity for self-mastery, resilience, and inner peace, and open to the guidance of the universe.

In the Career category, IMHO Reviews’ top pick is The Speak & Inspire Quest by renowned speaking coach Lisa Nichols. In just 31 days, students of The Speak & Inspire program learn how to become masterful communicators and speakers.

The last course the article mentions is from the Relationships category and is called The Conscious Parenting Mastery. Dr. Shefali Tsabary who created this program has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Columbia University and is one of the best experts in the field of conscious parenting. The Quest lasts 5 weeks, and its goal is to transform both parents’ and child’s lives through Dr. Shefali’s parenting philosophy.

There are also four more highly anticipated programs that will be released on Mindvalley soon: Curate Your Community by Radha Agrawal, Master Branding by Jeffrey Perlman, Living Bravely by Maye Musk, and Healing Through Breathing by Niraj Naik.

For more information about Mindvalley courses and the best discounts on Membership, check out IMHO Reviews’ latest article and video.


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