Ideas to Dress Up As a Family This Halloween

Dressing up together, parents and children can be a very fun activity for everyone, one of those unforgettable moments that you remember fondly over the years. This Halloween enjoy the most terrifying party of the year with your loved ones, here are some ideas for family costumes so that you can spread terror through the streets.

1. Addams Family Costume

Turn your family into The Addams, you just have to dress in black and white, wear black wigs, and give yourself a gothic and macabre touch with makeup. This is a terrifying ‘spooky funny’ example.

2. Coco Costume

Makeup, flowers and colors are essential to make these costumes inspired by the Coco movie.

3. Monster Family Costume

Another great option is to dress up as this monstrous family made up of a Frankenstein father, a corpse mother, a mummy son, and a baby bat.

4. Harry Potter costume

Entering the magical world of Harry Potter is very simple. You need magic wands, glasses, black robes, and a red and yellow tie, or maybe white and green?

5. The pumpkin costume

This will be a good idea, especially if you are a large family. Family pumpkin Halloween shirts can be great fun for the whole family.

6. Nightmare Before Christmas Costume

We continue with another costume for moviegoers, this time from the famous Tim Burton movie, one of Jack Skellington’s children, another of Oogie Boogie and Sally’s mother. This time you will have to be quite handy, with the costumes and makeup.

7. Guardians of the Galaxy Costume

Another very original costume is that of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Turn your family into Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket, and Groot.

8. Star Wars costume

This galactic family costume, with its Princess Leia, its Darth Vader, its teacher Yoda and its imperial soldier never go out of style and we like it more every day. And it is that it does not lack detail!

9. Robots costume

To make this costume you just have to save all the cardboard boxes that you have at home. Once your robotic skeleton is articulated, paint it your favorite color.

10. Puppet Costume

This costume is one of the simplest you can do if you have been caught off guard by Halloween. You only need white clothes, black adhesive tape or black marker and masks that you can make yourself with white cardboard and a little imagination.

11. Skeleton Costume

Simple, elegant, and effective. These skeleton costumes are very easy to get. You just have to dress in black, preferably with leather clothes, and put on makeup so that your face looks like a skull. With a little hand with makeup, you can get a result as terrifying as the one you can see in this photograph. 

Halloween crafts

Children like to do crafts because when they are done they can enjoy the satisfaction of having finished the job well and the effort that goes into making a craft. Therefore, making Halloween crafts to decorate the home, making party invitations, painting, and cutting out pictures to put on the windows … anything goes. It’s as easy as looking for craft instructions that you might like and age-appropriate for your children, and start creating!

Craft ideas for Halloween: terrifying pumpkins, pumpkins painted black and decorated as cardboard cats, skulls and bats to decorate interiors and exteriors, paper cobwebs, mummy apples – normal apples wrapped in bandages and with two glued plastic eyes.

What are the ideas you have in mind to spend a fun Halloween with the family? If you think things through in advance and prepare everything, the children will have a great time both the days before and the day of the party.

Source: ArticleCube