I hope you are finally GETTIN IT!

​​Tweet is PRS (Prince Raphael Shawan), a visionary and revolutionary“ #HIGHVIBE Mindset Artist” who’s worked in the music industry over two decades. Fans worldwide know him as “Tweet”, a founding member of the multi-platinum trio NEXT.

He’s made a name for himself in his industry. Tweet and his group Next, responsible for R&B’s more memorable hits, including chart-topping singles “Wifey,” “Butta Love,” “I Still Love You,” and “Too Close” (ranking #30 on The Billboard Hot 100 All-Time Top Songs List 1958-2022) co-written by Tweet is PRS. “Too Close” is also the foundation for the viral parody song “Why You Lying.” “Too Close” is available on all karaoke machines worldwide. Next can also be heard daily on the radio, internet radio, video music channels, DJ’s sets in (clubs, bars, hotels) all over the world.

Tweet is PRS is celebrating being in the music industry a quarter of a century with the release of his first solo project and the launching of his label #BESTLIFEEVER TEAM. Tweet is PRS signed himself as the first artist on his #BESTLIFEEVER TEAM label, he writes all his lyrics, owns his masters, styles himself, creates his video treatments, creates his marketing plans, promotes himself, runs his social media, edits his videos, designs his merch, currently his sole investor, and even recorded his autobiographical first single “IM LIKE DAT” (Different.All.the.Time)

“I’m willing to do everything legally, ethically, and morally in alignment with my core values to get my message to the world through my music”, eagerly expressed by Tweet is PRS in a recent interview. His life purpose and passion is to use who he is, while sharing what he’s learned, and what works for him to help others remember who they truly are. “We are all amazing”, says Tweet is PRS. He loves to see people shine and he’s committed to being happy due to years of suffering.
After losing everything in 2019 Tweet is PRS learned the true value of gratitude, which motivated him to work diligently with passionate commitment to rebuild himself inside and out, one moment at a time. With the full support of GOD SOURCE, ever growing commitment to self-love, and the unwavering moral support of his loving wife of 81/2 years he found his way back to love, happiness, peace, and self love. The struggles of life taught Tweet is PRS that the best thing to bet on in life is yourself. So when offering help to others always offer the best energy.

In 2020 during lockdown he created a 12 week self-healing transformational training program, which earned him another title as a transformational trainer, who’s since assisted millions of people around the globe in remembering their true value and purpose in life, and how to live their #BESTLIFEEVER ?


During this time Tweet is PRS also teamed up with friend/business partner Jason Johnson “The In-home Parent Coach” to create the Fathers Leading Families™ fatherhood fraternity (an Organization for Fathers, run by Fathers). Our mission is to Enhance the Quality of Life and Overall Well-Being of as many Fathers as we can across the World.

After healing himself from a troubled childhood, being homeless, public divorce, sexual addiction, inherited anger issues, and losing everything twice Tweet is PRS found that his life purpose is to help as many people as possible fo avoid or find a way out of the dark times and help them live life the way it’s meant, in the light filled with love, happiness and peace.

Just like the headline all of us should be “Finally #GETTINIT”, which happens to be Tweet is PRS’ 2nd single, released July 8th. “This song is an anthem for everyone in the world who’s out here GETTIN IT the best way”, raved Tweet. Now available on all platforms.

Source: Digital Journal