How to Save Money during Hotel Reservation?

For some people traveling is a necessity, for others part of their work, and for others pleasure. In any of these cases, traveling and spending money often go hand in hand. Luckily, it is possible to save when booking a hotel if you have some clear ideas and don’t make rookie mistakes. We give you some tips so that you don’t overpay when making your reservation.

Saving when booking a hotel is easy with these ‘tricks’

1. Sunday is the cheapest day.

Contrary to what many think, several studies have concluded that Sunday is the cheapest day to stay in a hotel and also to make a reservation. As it is the day par excellence for departures, hotels offer discounts to compensate for the low occupancy.

2. Run away from the center.

As you might expect, city centers are often the most expensive area to find accommodation. Almost in all probability, it will be cheaper to book a hotel on the outskirts and use a taxi to get to the center. Hotels in industrial estates are almost always the cheapest and are usually well connected to the city by a highway.

3. Make the reservation at the last minute.

Impatience leads many to reserve the room several days or weeks in advance to “stay calm.” If your stay is short and for a mandatory trip, for example, on business, and you also don’t care about one hotel than another, wait until the night before to book and get a last-minute offer. To save when booking a hotel it is key to be patient. So, this is a great technique for the money-saving hotel reservation.

4. Call the hotel directly.

Even if you use search engines to compare hotels and offers, remember that ultimately it is at the reception of the hotels where they manage the availability of rooms. If, in addition to waiting to book at the last minute, you call the hotel, you may find yourself with a room canceled at the last minute that is offered at a special price.

5. Flight and Hotel, better in a pack.

If you need to fly to reach your destination, you should book the duo that includes flight & hotel to save. Several studies have shown that these packs are cheaper than if you choose to reserve separately. If you need a rental car, it will also be cheaper if you include it in the reservation pack.

6. Comparisons in stealth mode.

If you use price comparators, the cookies that are installed on your computer in your searches could deprive you of certain offers. The artificial intelligence of the comparator will detect your interest in a certain reservation and will not lower its price. To avoid this you must use your browser in hidden mode.

7. Check social media.

Before booking, you should check the latest social media posts from hotel companies. Sometimes they publish discount codes or specific promotions for their followers. You can also ask them privately if they have any special offers. You do not lose anything and maybe they will give you a pleasant surprise.

8. Better from mobile.

Some of the apps par excellence to find hotel deals are Trivago, Tripadvisor, and Booking, and they always usually offer a specific offer in the app that is not on the web. But don’t limit yourself to them. You should also check out other less-known apps like TripWolf, Hotel Tonight, TouristEye, or ByHours. You can find real bargains.

Remember that patience is the best weapon of the saver, and it also serves to save when booking a hotel. Search, compare and compare again.

Source: ArticleCube