How to Choose the Perfect Hotel for Your Dream Vacation

Over the year, we are all working hard and sometimes even ending up desk-bound when everyone else has left for the day. The job simply has to get done, and the thought that is making it all seem easier is the prospect of our dream vacation. The closer the date gets, the more excited and impatient we become. And we all know how hectic it gets before one finally sets off. Therefore, it’s safe to say that there is nothing worse than arriving at the holiday destination only to find out we aren’t going to have much rest because the hotel is a mess.

Unless your hotel is listed by a reliable travel guide, you will have to take a lot of factors into consideration. Let us guide you through an essential checklist when deciding on a place to match your long desired vacation.

Travelling companions

First of all, this is of utmost importance and absolutely crucial when choosing the best hotel. There are actually plenty of great hotels out there, with great reviews and excellent service. But what use is it if the facilities are not really child friendly, and you were planning to have a big family vacation with all of your young kids and their cousins?

In that case, a hotel full of guests sipping cocktails and beer with the speakers blasting music at the pool is far from desirable. Therefore, it’s best to check who would usually stay in the hotel – backpackers, families with 4 kids, couples? Lots of hotels will specifically advertise their offerings, such as special programs, discounts and activities for children, will accept guests who are 18 and older.


Have you made your itinerary yet? If you have, take a look at the map and see where most of the sights you are interested in are located. Next, try searching for hotels in your area. You’ll feel especially grateful about the proximity to the landmarks when you get back to your room exhausted from a big day out. Always be sure to check out the local travel guides, because a big city like Chicago is divided into 70 neighbourhoods.

What about the local attractions nearby? You may want to choose a location that is within proximity of the city’s best tourist places. Perhaps you might be willing to stay further away if it means a more affordable accommodation option. But then again, you don’t want to stay so far out of a city that you spend more time travelling than you do enjoying the key sights.

Category vs. price

Admittedly, we all begin looking for hotels based on their category, but that doesn’t have to mean that all of them have similar prices per night. What’s more, the number of stars doesn’t guarantee anything, either. When travelling abroad, bear in mind that the hotel standards of the country do not always match the ones in your homeland. If in doubt, always go for a higher category than you would choose in your own country.

Room size

Of course, you’re always going to look at the pictures of the rooms at different websites. But you should feel completely free to ask about the exact dimensions of the room the hotel is offering you. It’s a simple question, yet extremely useful.

A studio hostel room in Hong Kong may literally be the size of your bathroom, with your bathroom including a shower and toilet only 1 metre apart.


Do not by any means assume that the parking is included in the price or that there is enough space for all the cars by guests who have driven to the site. For this reason, make sure that you check whether you can book a parking space, and if that is going to be charged extra.

You may find that public transport options are also a more affordable option for getting around in cities such as Singapore and London.

The internet

One would think that Wi-Fi in hotels goes without saying, but that’s not always the case. Even though all of them are boasting an internet connection, that doesn’t mean your room has access to it. Sometimes, the only place you can get a decent connection is the hotel lobby. In case you’re expecting some urgent emails, find a hotel with proper internet service, which also states whether or not it’s free of charge.


Finally, do not assume a hotel has all the facilities you believe is logical for the price you are paying. Not all of them have spas and gyms, and the bars and the restaurant don’t have to be a must either. Also, as weird as it sounds, it’s best to check if the hotel has an elevator, especially if you’re travelling with a lot of luggage or have health issues. Some buildings are too old and too small to have them installed.

Once you start looking for a hotel, this list is going to prove itself really useful. By checking one feature at the time, you’ll narrow down your search and see which hotel will be just perfect for your long desired vacation.


Source: ArticleCube