Goldendoodle Puppies For Sale In Santa Clarita

Santa Clarita, California –

The Doodle Dynasty, based in Santa Clarita, CA is delighted to share that their Goldendoodles, Bella and Doctor, have delivered puppies, and the reservation list is now open. At the moment, there are only two spots left, and anyone interested in owning their very own Goldendoodle puppy should get in touch with the breeder today to save their spot. See more info here: Goldendoodle Puppies Near Me.

According to The Doodle Dynasty, the puppies were born on July 19th. They also happen to be multigenerational goldendoodles, likely to come in between 35-55lbs when fully grown. The Doodle Dynasty encourages those interested in these puppies to start doing their research now (if they have not already). Goldendoodles make amazing, loving pets, and the breeder wishes to ensure that all their puppies go to great homes that deserve to have them. Fortunately, it is almost as easy to care for them as it is to fall in love with their furry faces at first sight.

Goldendoodle puppies Santa Clarita

As a family-run breeder in Santa Clarita, The Doodle Dynasty has a great deal of personal experience with these dogs, and they understand why Goldendoodles are in such high demand — particularly among families. In fact, they encourage everyone in their community to spend a day or two in the company of a Goldendoodle if possible if they are unfamiliar with the breed, as this is more than enough time to learn why their owners love them so much. Alternatively, looking up videos from owners who like to share an inside look at life with a Goldendoodle (or Goldendoodles) can help, but the breeder says there is no true substitute for one-on-one time with these dogs. However, if all else fails, they advise that hopeful owners visit their website for a full write-up of the dogs’ temperament, care requirements and more. This is recommended if anyone is looking for Goldendoodle puppies for sale and knows relatively little about the breed.

As the website explains, “The Goldendoodle is an excellent designer breed, a cross between the Poodle and the popular Golden Retriever. Both parent breeds have amazing qualities to pass on to their offspring. That’s one of the many reasons they are among the most desired among the cross-breeds. Perfect for experienced dog owners and new pet parents alike. You will have quite a difficult time finding a more lovable companion. These are not just pups, these are show dog-like family dogs with beautiful coats and strong wills.”

Known for their loyalty and stamina, a Goldendoodle will make full use of the space they are let loose in, so homes with large yards will witness their pet willingly spending hours outdoors as they explore every inch, especially when they first arrive and start venturing out to take stock of their surroundings. However, The Doodle Dynasty says a large yard is not necessary if the owners are able to take their Goldendoodle on walks frequently enough. Exercise is extremely important for these dogs.

Several factors make them excellent pets, and among the most prominent of these is their loving and intelligent nature. The breeder says they can actually be somewhat possessive, so a family with several dogs may have to watch how they distribute their attention among their furry family members to make sure they all feel loved. While the dogs are not known for being violent, the breeder says they should not be left unsupervised around small children. Their sheer playfulness can mean a toddler would get knocked down easily if left unattended.

pictures can be found at the Doodle Dynasty Instagram Page. Instagram page. The website concludes, “Bottom line is that if you are a dog lover then it’s hard to go wrong with a goldendoodle. You will be bathed in love and attention as nothing is more important to a goldendoodle than to be loving on their owners. You can also expect a lot of attention from people in general as they are quick to stop you during your walks as they praise your dog and ask you all kinds of questions about him or her.”

The Doodle Dynasty looks forward to finding loving homes for their new Goldendoodle puppies. As spots are limited, all interested should contact the breeder today to express their interest in having their very own Goldendoodle family member. See more here:


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