Fun Things to Do in Cancun for Families

Cancun has incredibly beautiful Caribbean beaches and fantastic hotels. Cancun is probably the most famous place on the Yucatan Peninsula. The international flights from Europe land directly here and the city is your starting point for your Yucatan tour.

The Zona Hotelera is located directly in Cancun, the hotel zone in which one luxury hotel follows the next. Here you can spend your perfect luxury vacation on the dreamy, white sandy beach. 

If you go with your friends and family, you will also get here the best large family hotels in Cancun. In the hotel zone, you will also find many opportunities to go out and celebrate.


Cancun is a beautiful place for its great variety of water activities, natural areas, tourist spots, museums, and beaches, as a result, we recommend you to learn about the tourist attraction areas mentioned below:

Enjoy the Cenote las Mojarras: Visiting the Cenote las Mojarras is one of the first things we recommend you do in Cancun, it has a zip line and a double tower for diving. Also, you will find it after leaving Puerto Morelos.

Laguna Nichupte: Basically with more than 3,000 hectares, the system of lagoons located in the heart of the tourist attractions in Cancun (or at least the most important ones), includes, in any way, the Laguna Nichupte, of course, you can delight yourself with attractive landscapes and mangroves.

Visit the Interactive Aquarium: One more example of what to do in Cancun is visiting the Interactive Aquarium Cancun. In addition to having a great variety of marine species, the most notable thing is that it has interactive experiences and unique shows.

Be amazed at the Underwater Museum of Art: The Underwater Museum of Art offers an incomparable experience, it is also located under the waters of the Caribbean Sea that is why you will find natural sculptures and a great visual spectacle.

Walk along with Avenida Tulum: You must undoubtedly know Avenida Tulum, where you can find up to 220 restaurants around this area, for this reason, you have to visit this area at least once, during your next trip to Cancun.


In the beginning, we talked a little about the locations you must visit in Cancun. Now we would like to mention some tourist places in Cancun that you should not miss when you fly to this dream place.

Enjoy Chichen Itza: Although it is a place located on the edge of the city, Chichen Itza is the main attraction of the Rivera Maya and one of the favorite tourist sites in this area where you can get there on your own or through a tour to this archaeological center. 

El Rey Archaeological Zone: Probably one of the least popular archaeological zones in Cancun, however, it is one of the most interesting, we are talking about the El Rey Archaeological Zone that is currently home to many iguanas and, without a doubt, there is a great story behind.

Mayan Museum of Cancun: Firstly, the Mayan Museum of Cancun is an enclosure in which the most important pieces of the San Miguelito Archaeological Zone are exhibited, for this reason, arrive early and enjoy the entire tour that this place has for you.

Coba Ruins: The ruins of Coba are undoubtedly a place full of history and a city with notable political, economic, and social power at its peak. You have to visit this destination that preserves its ritual and symbolic importance.

Finally, there are many more tourist areas of Cancun that you will love, its enjoyable climate and excellent atmosphere will make you perfect to get out of the routine.

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